Josh Charles Demonstrates How to Make a Baltimore Snowball | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published on May 27, 2022

Josh Charles talks about pretending to understand Pokémon to appease his son, shows Jimmy how to make a Baltimore Snowball and shares the true story that inspired his show We Own This City.


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  • Tyler Hackner 1 year ago

    Love your vids

  • ☆Slynovianette☆ 1 year ago

    1st: I have pokemon cards but barely know who Ash Ketchum is. 0:15
    2: flavored snowballs lowkey would taste good ngl. 1:14
    3: funny joke about the 5 second rule (No timestamp I was just wondering why they were arguing about egg custard vs. Cherry)
    4: YOU gonna mix the snow flavors? 3:41
    5: If you say it tastes like cream soda Wonka orange creme Popsicles taste the same way. 4:10
    6: That clip must be memorable 5:04
    7: the outro clip isn’t centered but who cares I would literally leave it the same way. 5:48

    The 7 comments I *had* for Jimmy Fallon.

    Edit: I added timestamps

    Edit 2: the outro is centered but I was looking at it at a different angle sorry.

  • Jim 1 year ago

    Love Josh!

  • mintytruffle 1 year ago

    I thought this said james charles i was like wow

  • ec3po 1 year ago

    Every time I see him it reminds me of adventures in Babysitting. One of the best movies of all time.

  • Ethan Hunt 1 year ago

    *_It is not easy to stand by Amber at this time._*
    *_Be strong, girl._*

  • Fire Under Calm Knight 1 year ago

    Such a good actor! I would like to see him do some more comedic roles because I think he could be pretty funny.

  • J 1 year ago

    That outfit drives me BuyGirls.Space nuts on you and you have that curvy body, you did a good job modelingi it too.

    21:15 Also like the last outfit Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and shear top.

  • Barry Lyndon 1 year ago

    Josh Charles in 1994 film “Threesome” and 1992 film “Crossing The Bridge” unforgettable classic performances… but recently watching HBO’S We Own This City just Josh Charles like you’ve never seen him before… a tour de force… its like his own Taxi Driver… or Goodfellas… or Training Day… if it was a film… definitely supporting actor Oscar working alongside Jon Bernthal…

  • Melissa M 1 year ago

    Oh Happy Friday All! The fun shall begin

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013 1 year ago

    Jimmy Fallon josh Charles how to make a Baltimore pokemon and Seinfeld awesomeness job interview

  • Roy R 1 year ago

    Eveytime I see him…. he’s the dirty cop from Four Brothers.


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