Jordan Schlansky Defends His Elitist Espresso Machine | Team Coco Radio

Published on June 7, 2023

10 years later, Jordan Schlansky is still defending the $500 espresso machine he bought on the company dime.

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  • Josh Finch 6 months ago

    Schlansky’s still got it baby

  • KP 6 months ago

    what’s up with conan’s hair nowadays.

  • Doug Hype Tv 6 months ago

    He is such an ass, I do not think I could be friends with him lol

  • Kobe Berg 6 months ago

    Best comedy team of last 20 years

  • Paul Tabachneck 6 months ago

    Five stars

  • HiLaw 6 months ago

    I’ve seen so much on Jordan that I swear, I’m starting to hate him lol So insufferable and egoistic. If I didn’t think he was actually on the spectrum I would honestly despise him like Conan does.

  • Doug Hype Tv 6 months ago

    Jordan might be the worst person that has ever lived, he sucks the life out of any chance of human emotion, happiness or just joy in any way lol

  • Kas Lu 6 months ago

    Jordan Schlansky is Conan’s Karl Pilkington. 😀

  • Nathan Smo 6 months ago

    he is the worst

  • GamerGump 6 months ago

    I love these two in a room together. I could watch it forever.

  • Frank Dux 6 months ago

    Conan is turning into Maureen O’Hara.

  • Giftalia Evans Pizarro 6 months ago

    I think we can all agree that Jordan should take a coffee taste test. He has to rank cups of coffee according to his criteria without knowing where and how they were made. If Starbucks ends up in his top 3, he must be shamed.

  • BeMoreFunny 6 months ago

    This literally is the Riddler facing off against the Batman 4:41

  • nbbim2012 6 months ago

    MORE JORDAN SCHLANSKY CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course he is participating in various ways with his associated tasks.


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