Jordan Klepper vs. Anti-Vaxxers in SoCal | The Daily Show

Published on December 8, 2021

Covid political divides go deeper than just red vs. blue. Jordan Klepper hits the sunny streets of LA to talk to anti-vaxxers, learn about “bodily sovereignty,” and get a first-hand look at the dangerous alternative health practices within SoCal’s “wellness” culture. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper



  • How it works for me 1 year ago

    From Germany: that blonde one took too many coffee enemas…

  • Henry Sulser 1 year ago

    Irrational believes = downfall of mankind.

  • wulfmarine1 1 year ago

    The german woman is Julia Dietze from the movie iron sky a movie about Nazis in the moon… so maybe she just didnt find her way home after the movie wrapt

  • MusicfromMarrs 1 year ago

    The Siamese cat question as response was gold!

    As a yogi who tries to stay healthy, my booster is scheduled for Friday. Lots of healthy people have contracted COVID. Yes, be healthy and increase your chances of staying healthy, but yogis, I encourage you to in crease your awareness – not of conspiracy theories, but of science. Take precautions by getting vaccinated, just as you take precautions by eating well and being physically active and doing pranayama.

  • Will 808 1 year ago

    Kleeper rules

  • Elias Alekai 1 year ago

    If you want to take the vax take it. Why force it onto others?

  • Tiro Imion 1 year ago

    The interviewed people make a lot of sense. Of course not 100%, but the main point, that a healthy lifestyle is more important to your immune system, is 100% correct.

    It freaks me out that there is the believe that pills and needles solve the problem.

  • Facts Are 1 year ago

    My IQ level just dropped from watching them 👇

  • Kevin Williams 1 year ago

    Lifestyle beanie girl is definitely a stoner.

  • Ronald Raygun 1 year ago

    no wonder americans dont trust the vaccines. Trump sold it and we couldnt trust that orangutan as far as anyone who stormed the capital could spit.

  • Endeavors_DnB 1 year ago

    Being from Germany, she should know the difference in something that’s put forward to help a population and something that was implemented to separate, segregate and ultimately eliminate a population!!!!!!!!! Density at maximum. As a Jewish Person, anything Holocaust related kinda tends to be a touchy subject for me. She was correct about 1 thing though, we are kind of in a loop but she’s just ended up on the wrong side of story right now.

  • hakolbseder 1 year ago

  • Divamarvalous O'Neal 1 year ago

    This is staged….

    Naw these are real people.

  • Eugene Tham 1 year ago

    The 12 disinformers are also mainly Republican supporters, like Mike Adams

  • Volker Wöll 1 year ago

    „Beeing from Germany… „ *fremdschäm*

  • Torno a vivere in America 1 year ago

    I often talk to people who believe in conspiracy theories like QAnon and recently with anti vaxxers too. I often wonder why they are so skeptical.
    Recently I have read about the opioid crisis and how a pharmaceutical company like Purdue was able to sell opioid pills marketing them and telling the lie that less than 1% can get addicted. And over the years thousands of people died for that lie (opioid crisis). They were able to bribe doctors and politicians. So even if I often mock conspiracy theories I can understand why many don’t trust pharmaceutical companies or the government that allowed them to do horrible things in the past for profit.

  • Daniel Lopes 1 year ago

    I must not fear. Fear, lowers the frequency.

  • Ryan Bickel 1 year ago

    this man’s job is to just walk around gaslighting people? jeez man get a life

  • Tatiana Rosa 1 year ago

    I can’t stand the idea of talking to someone who hasn’t been vaccinated without a mask

  • Andy Vo 1 year ago

    We have idiots amongst us on both sides of the aisle.


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