Jordan Klepper Takes On Trump’s Indictment Rally | The Daily Show

Published on April 5, 2023

Trump has officially been arrested and Jordan Klepper takes on the streets of NYC to have…meaningful conversations with his supporters. #DailyShow #Comedy #JordanKlepper



  • LF 6 months ago

    Ahhh, Jordan. The smart, snarky Son I wish I had. lol

  • hueroski 6 months ago

    I wish this was fake. What has happened to my country?

  • Ray Ceeya 6 months ago

    “After all it’s his own money right?”
    No, actually it was Michael Cohn’s money. That’s the problem. Colloquially, It’s called money laundering and it’s why this is quickly turning into a RICO case. Trump used company money to pay off a lie that helped him win an election. It was enough money that he would have to explain why he needed it and what he was doing with it. If it went toward hush money to get him elected then it is campaign finance no matter where it came from. He obfuscated it through his lawyer (Cohen), and Cohen was convicted and turned states evidence. You can’t do that with campaign contributions. The rules are there to prevent someone from buying a public position. Without them we’d be a nation of Carpet Baggers.

  • tresvinos3 6 months ago

    You see it and can’t believe they’re THAT far gone but they are and then some.

  • 411richardify 6 months ago

    Why are republicans soooooo gullible???

  • David Benito 6 months ago

    I think they should have a nation wide vote on top of the grand jury after the hearings

  • Jonathan schaefer 6 months ago

    I wanna see Trump try to sell vegan burgers

  • socalsp3 6 months ago

    Reminds me of the nexium cult members dancing outside their leaders prison cell

  • cletus enos 6 months ago

    Jordan has to work hard to make the same, banal idiocy showing up to these events interesting.

  • Kimo Bruddah 6 months ago

    Showcasing just how dumb many Americans are.
    The sad thing is, every country has a minority of morons.
    Its only when they become the majority, do you have an Iran or Syria, or Russia or North Korea.

  • Joseph Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Jordan is a gift I could watch 10 hours straight of this content lol

  • Powell CPR 6 months ago

    Klepper is hilarious and would be the perfect new host of TDS.

  • Mjolnir G. 6 months ago

    They don’t trust the government and the justice system, but want these same institutions to go after Biden and his son. Got it.


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