Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on January 12, 2021

Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol



  • Anthony Chillers 1 week ago

    OUTSTANDING WORK!!!!As always

  • roland villanueva 1 week ago

    Klepper is awesome at this

  • sing.a. cong 1 week ago

    Massive respects to Jordan, surrounding himself with those crazy terrorists just for delivering prime comedy content… Be careful man!

  • Edith Lazenby 1 week ago

    All of them ….15 sec of fame….this absolutely ludicrous…

  • Celestino American 1 week ago

    He is excellent at reflecting the foolishness of many people’s actions at such rallies!

  • Kevin Brown 1 week ago

    Anyone else thinks all Trump supporters are seeds of incest love?

  • Ronit Chepuri 1 week ago

    The guy’s face who hit the camera man should have been revealed

  • Ari 1 week ago

    Dude.. I am legit impressed with this guy. I would be super scared of being there (mainly because I’m not white and I would’ve feel afraid of being around these violent t white supremacist with weapons) and he even interviewed those unlawful people. You’re eight really brave or really dumb.. can’t tell which one

  • Chinemerem Omeh 1 week ago

    Are you afraid you run out of batteries?

    Noo I got trump in their.

  • Marcus Crassus 1 week ago

    If you tell a lie once it stays a lie what is it tell a lie I thousand times it becomes the truth – Joseph Goebbels Nazi propaganda minister

  • Jun Jun Cupaldito 1 week ago

    Shouldn’t have blurred their faces. The FBI is looking for these people and they need all the info they could get.

  • Blood209 1 week ago

    Where was trump? Was he last in line at the capital?

  • Shakur Shire 1 week ago

    Good job America I’m waiting more than that

  • He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy 1 week ago

    Jordan Klepper: Risking life and limb for truth and comedy.

  • Robin Erik 1 week ago

    I wanna watch more if this video, of him interviewing.. anyone have the source?

  • Brice Polisign 1 week ago

    You can feel how nervous he was… it must have felt weird to make jokes and be funny just moments before armed rebels stormed the bastion of American democracy. When we’ll die, we’ll still be waiting for the laughter of the live studio audience to set in and the last thing we’ll feel will be confusion about why it stays silent.

  • Ian Dalziel 1 week ago

    I do hope those non-consenting adults don’t breed…

  • Barbara Hartlen 1 week ago

    Arrest Trump, Arrest Trump now he doesn’t deserve to stay in office!

  • Tammy Deisley 1 week ago

    These people are the exact opposite of patriots!

  • Brian Williams 1 week ago

    So many delusional Trumplicans. Can’t wait till the arrests happen in droves


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