Jordan Klepper Meets the MyPillow Guy | The Daily Show Throwback

Published on May 20, 2022

Throwback to Jordan Klepper traveling to a Wisconsin rally hosted by Mike Lindell to hear all about the latest election fraud claims as he goes head-to-head with the MyPillow guy himself. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #MikeLindell #DailyShow



  • Diane Chamberlain 1 year ago

    The arrogance and ignorance of these MAGAt’s is suffocating. How Klepper can continue to wade through their bullsh*t is applaudable. Thanks Jordan for keeping a magnifying lens on these fools.

  • Marie Ruiz 1 year ago

    The statement of in the 60s we knew what drinking fountain to drink from was n is SICK n GROSS!!!!!

  • Thomas Yarnes 1 year ago

    you know when a dog snarls? I have that same involuntary reaction when I see these mouthbreathers speak.

  • Sun Shine 1 year ago

    Time warp confusion. Seems like it was just two weeks ago that the mask mandate was dropped, yet it seems like I saw this video years ago.

  • m simm 1 year ago

    Pillow has all the answers and no answers at all

  • Prince Questly 1 year ago

    The My pillow goof.

  • Jay Yearwood 1 year ago

    Want to know how crippled our country is?
    Just listen to Lindell for a few minutes.

  • Let's Not Panic 1 year ago


  • Argyle Winters 1 year ago

    I am not defending the pillow guy, nor am I trying to be offensive or rude to any marginalized population, but I honestly think he is disabled (mentally). Something is not right with him. And again, I am not trying to be funny or even be rude, but I feel bad for him because I don’t know if he understands. There is a disconnect there and It makes me sad that people are making fun of him. Its like watching the popular kids at school pretending to be nice to the disabled kid, but they are really making fun of him to his face but he doesn’t know that.

  • Jedii Kniight 1 year ago

    Isn’t this from like last year or the start of this year?

  • bo gard 1 year ago

    This is why Republicans have attacked education for over 30 years

  • West Bender 1 year ago


  • Sebastian 1 year ago

    unconscious people contradicting themselves two seconds later

  • Laura Misch 1 year ago

    I believe we need a much better education system.

  • El Loco 1 year ago

    In The Netherlands, just this week 3 conspiracy theorists (tossed into prison back in September) were ordered to pay very substantial damages. They remain in prison, and further civil and criminal cases against them are in progress.

  • Dennis Brooks 1 year ago

    A basic understanding of civics 101 is required to become a citizen . How many of these people could pass the test ?


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