Jordan Klepper Has a Hard Time Being Nice to Trump Supporters

Published on April 19, 2022

Jordan Klepper talks about becoming a father at the start of the COVID pandemic, engaging with Trump supporters at his events and what happens when they recognize him.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Thomas Sherris-Watt 1 year ago

    Seth and Jordon have the same hair and forehead.

  • Joe Adams 1 year ago

    Has Jordan written a Cookbook ?

  • Ema Arredondo 1 year ago

    Have you thought about talking yourself to Trumpists and do a Klepper on them? I don’t think you can bring those people back to reality, ever, or at least on time for the midterms and next presidential election. But you can outnumber them. Have you realized how many people don’t vote? Just because they don’t care? Those millions of people are the target. Don’t waste your time with Trumpists, but get three open minded friends who don’t vote and show them these Kleeper videos. Tell them to show the videos to three friends of them. Tell them it is voting or living in Idiocracy for real.

  • Heaven Help Us 1 year ago

    We all need to chill like Jordan does when meeting these morons. Otherwise we won’t be able to deprogram the millions that have swallowed the koolaid!

  • Teresa Weaver 1 year ago

    Should be mentioned…Klepper’s wife is as funny as he is. I’d love to see more of her, especially when he does the field pieces. Together they are brilliantly hilarious the way they feed off each other’s energy.

  • Charles Gair 1 year ago

    Donald Trump is Proof Of How Stupid America Has Become .The Chinese Have Got To Be Laughing Their Ass Off Every Time They See Trump On TV.

  • Bill Pool 1 year ago

    Trumpanzees are the least intelligent, and most violent of all the great apes.

  • sujaypat 1 year ago

    Seth’s hair – I am taller bro.
    Jordan’s hair – Bro seriously look at me

  • Chrome Dome 1 year ago

    Klepper is crazy smart in addition to being hilarious. Could he maybe run for office please???

  • j r 1 year ago

    Don’t minimize men or their experiences.

  • Katie Toole 1 year ago

    I spent about a year in Hungary in the 90s. It still really lives in my heart. What is happening there now makes me so sad.

  • Ron Leight 1 year ago

    I would just worry, whatever happened to those poor pubs could infect me too!


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