Jordan Klepper Fingers the Globe: Hungary for Democracy – Full Special | The Daily Show

Published on April 22, 2022

As Republicans grow enamored with Hungary’s far-right, autocratic turn under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Jordan Klepper heads to Budapest to glimpse the potential future of American conservatism. #DailyShow




  • cubix626 2 years ago

    thank you jordan

  • sunnylilme 2 years ago

    Who knew the movie Idiocracy was prophetic. I still don’t understand the phenomenon

  • Aditya Katakol 2 years ago

    Pegasus is across Asia too

  • Red8008 2 years ago

    Hungarian sarcasm is just priceless… ^^

  • doggyviscous 2 years ago

    BLM suppoter. So you support Biden loving minors?

  • Aliyu M 2 years ago

    Give this dude an Emmy already

  • Igor Noveski 2 years ago


  • Hugo Correa 2 years ago

    Excellent!!! Thank you for your work, please keep up doing these type of reporting, we need you so much!

  • Aoki Carreno 2 years ago

    As European glad to trade hungery and Poland for Ukraine, how about IT putin

  • Duke E. Lawg 2 years ago

    Notice how the only person in hungry that agrees w him is a Jew

  • vahidmirkhani 2 years ago

    These guys, talking about Hungary, horrendously reminds me of the lady in the “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” show. The first time hearing about the name Hungary, I bet that like her, the majority of these guys would have said: “Hungry?? That’s a country??????? I’d heard of Turkey… but HUNGRY… never heard of it.”

    Oh and btw, Jordan, you should have asked those people, who kept repeating how great Hungary is, what the capital of Hungary is, now that they’re in love and can’t get enough of their politics!

  • Ingrid Åkerblom 2 years ago

    So when is the US going to stop constantly compering how europe handled refugees in 2010-2016, A refugee situation the US had part in creating..
    And now 2022 with UA.. When is improvment ever a bad thing?
    Europe needs to send out a strong signal to putin, that no one (except Drump) is with him & russia in this war, that we stand with UA & democracy..
    And many countries in europe has been in similar situations with russia before.. That’s why this hits so hard, my grandfather fought off the red army in ww2 after they, the russians, tried to invade without a reason..
    It’s really like history repeating itself and only 1 generation down..
    But the US don’t know how it is to be invaded.. To be the one having to defend your country, in your country, against an overwhelming, overpowering aggressor..

  • Hiphopotal 2 years ago

    Amazing! Israel is exactly the same with Bibi Netanyahu

  • Pvj 2 years ago

    Hungary should not be in the EU..

  • mary kay Brewster 2 years ago

    Go Jordan. You rock the world.

  • 9Rizla9 2 years ago

    Jordan don’t stop doing what you are doing please. You’re pure gold. Thanks for the brilliant content.

  • Josh Me 2 years ago

    I think Bertha mistakes Hungary for hungry.


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