Jordan Klepper Beefs Up to Brave The Pandemic | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • Tyg Rahof 3 years ago

    It is actually funny that those of us who always complained about NOT having enough time to read and exercise can still Not find the time, HAVING EIGHT STRAIGHT HOURS of netflix.

  • Meghan Delavan 3 years ago

    Now I want to know the rest of his book selection. Take aways.

  • 5%LowBattery 3 years ago

    I’m glad liquor stores are still open 🥴…I’m not doing none of this stuff 😴

  • Lucas H 3 years ago

    I would not want to spend any time with Pat Mac.

  • ACE COMMUNITY 3 years ago

    Stupid America

  • Stephanie Kolb 3 years ago

    Pegasus … you saying peg-a-susss?

  • Estrella Del Mar 3 years ago

    That dude doesn’t need a can opener cuz that beard can slash soup cans like a knife. 🔪

  • O. R. 3 years ago

    This guy Brave looks like Jordan just prepped for a movie 🙂

  • Noel Bockholt 3 years ago

    That dude Is awesome !

  • 69,420 Subscribers without videos 3 years ago

    Jordan is the best at making Trump supporters look like fools.

    Well, they already are.

  • Sunrise Morninglory 3 years ago

    The Preper Steve you talked to last time was a joke. I am sure I am a million times more ready for a problem than he is. He is an over glorified motel owner.

  • Voice of Reason 3 years ago

    I am so glad Jordan is back. I liked his show and I like him on this show.

  • StarkRaving Ralph 3 years ago

    JORDAAAAAN! Love ya! Miss seeing you on the regular, hope to see you more!!! We love you, stay safe!!

  • N R 3 years ago

    I think after everyone who was in Nam is dead, and the children of everyone who was in Nam are dead,
    there’s gonna be a lot fewer of these guys around.
    He doesn’t seem as bad as I thought, but it still looks to me like a form of military-grade post-traumatic paranoia.
    It still looks to me less like “preparing for trouble” than “looking for trouble”.

  • Inezz Mullins 3 years ago

    ” Embrace the suck, lol

  • Sunrise Morninglory 3 years ago

    As a gal who just got done surviving in the woods for over one month. Teaching her son survival skils. Watching this just made me LMBO. What a joke!
    FYI his 5 gallon Bucket with his biodegradable bags is not a good idea. If the world goes to poop, what is he going to do with his poop?
    We had a 5 gallon bucket, but we used Cedar chips which keep the smell and flies away, and is all natural and compostable. You just need a shovel to dig a deep hole every few days. I am suprised this guy did not try to sell his steroid filled bodybuilder crap on this clip.

  • Colleen Kelly 3 years ago

    We all got exactly the same warning on the SAME DAY!
    TRUMP DELAY: Said at his rally (Fox TV agreed!) “It’s a hoax” = 45,000 dead.
    NO DELAY: Germany=5,086 dead. Canada=1,834. Australia=71. Taiwan=6. HongKong=4 dead

  • MLG GAMER 3 years ago

    This guy is kickass. He should talk to Bear Grylls next.

  • jbrunnez 3 years ago

    i actually like Pat Mac haha

  • kjdnyhmghfvb 3 years ago

    When you say “trained police forces…”


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