Jordan Klepper At The Capitol: More Sedition Edition | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • User619 TLSDCA 3 years ago

    John Kerry says it best when other nations ask him of these folks IQ. He said to them ” In America, you have the right to be stupid” And reasons you see this here, so we can laugh as our response of their stupidity. STS Stop The Stupidity. And their Chants of USA sounded and looked more like them chanting,, TAL LA BAN, TAL LA BAN, TAL LA BAN!!!!

  • The Bear Minimum 3 years ago

    Free speech is cool, but 415,038 Americans lost that right and their lives to covid this year because of these lunatics.

    They be saying “not one guy is responsible for this”

    you know sure, it wasn’t just one guy, it’s 1 guy and 74million other people whom are responsible for all this death and instability…that makes everything soooooo much better.

  • vandboeffel 3 years ago

    You can find stupid people everywhere. It doesnt become a problem before a foreign power decides to take advantage of it.

  • Rl l 3 years ago

    If there was a do over today Donald Trump would lose by an even larger margin! Because a lot of Republican voters don’t like sore losers!

  • Lynette 3 years ago

    Can’t help but wonder how these guys were able to easily enter the white House. Like is it somewhere along a road that people use?? I’m only asking because here in Uganda, very few of us have ever seen the state House. You go through probably 5 gates before reaching the building,all heavily guarded by armed military,ready to shoot if you look suspicious

  • yeng vang 3 years ago

    Yeah they keep it real, but the justice systems keeps it realer……

  • Jimbeandaniels Daniels 3 years ago

    Dem sheep are so funny to listen to. Lol

  • LuLu, Sweet Thing 3 years ago

    The balls on jordan to just be so witty and piss off unpredictable trumpanzees

  • Satanás 3 years ago

    Wondering if Trump is crying at this moment?

  • TenTegens 3 years ago

    And now let’s hear out ANTIFA

  • james curtis 3 years ago

    You lost fair and square- DEAL WITH IT

  • Rita Rata Tuli 3 years ago

    Is this white racist American convention?

  • Kobi Bhattacharyya 3 years ago

    Bless you Jordan Klepper for having the courage to make jokes at their expense right to their frickin faces

  • Joker Lane 3 years ago

    Pretty obvious what happened. you stop counting votes when your clearly losing and then when you start counting again, you magically have the votes you need. I pray for our president and his team, but as a 50 year old man who has watched elections since Carter, its beyond debate what happened. Trump was right. I hate to say it but he was right.


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