Jonathan Van Ness on Ending HIV Stigma & New Book “Over the Top”

Published on October 1, 2019

Jonathan talks about his new book “Over the Top,” what drove him to reveal that he was diagnosed with HIV, the response he has received, ending the stigma around the disease, “Queer Eye,” endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren and receiving a call from her, meeting Nancy Pelosi to discuss the Equality Act, and his family owning the local paper growing up.

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  • Kennedy 8 months ago


  • John Thang 8 months ago

    It’s so expensive. It’s crazy.
    Those companies are making huge load of money. So greedy.

  • ausborncurry 8 months ago

    1. His beard is looking LUSH
    2. I am so happy he is raising awareness and educating people about a genuinely important issue
    3. Can we take a moment to appreciate how JVN actually uses his celebrity platform to try and fight for the improvement of our society

  • Frankie Rollins 8 months ago

    I’m so happy for him

  • No Name Bruh 8 months ago

    Jonathan is a beautiful ass human

  • benjee 8 months ago

    Yeah no.

  • Rishika S 8 months ago

    Live your truth, Jonathan, you loveable badass!

  • Ahmed Al-kashef 8 months ago


  • Joshua Miller 8 months ago

    He sat right across from me in fourth grade and went all throughout school with him. Very proud of who he’s become! Support him 100%! Q town loves you Jonathan!!♥️?✊

  • Xavier Rivera 8 months ago

    I wonder why he has HIV hahahahahahaha

  • cacing tanah 8 months ago

    How did he get the disease, so sad:) hope all the best for him

  • ninjarevv 8 months ago


  • Amy B 8 months ago

    I didn’t know that we had medications that could reduce the HIV viral load to zero. It’s ridiculous that people have to jump thru so many hoops to get their meds. Healthcare shouldn’t be a for-profit industry. Period.

  • rrs 8 months ago

    This is criminal. Spreading as fact conclusions of “non proven correlation” in one study.
    Anti-retro viral drugs are not a cure, and DO NOT guarantee that you are not infectious in any way.
    In fact, it only eludes current testing techniques, and you may still infect your partner and make him/her think they are negative.
    If you want to be good to society, it is not by spreading ill founded rumours on a disease and related medication, much less if you are completely biased like this guy. If he’s doing anything to the HIV stigma, is reviving the old 90’s stigma that HIV is being propagated due to dumb horny selfish gays.
    You cannot say such irresponsible things without the support of a great majority of scientists and medical schollars.

  • kJims OnWeed 8 months ago

    Very informative

  • byron p 8 months ago

    Got to say that one of the reasons it took me so damned long to come out was that I thought I’d have to be like that. Works for him. Doesn’t work for me. I’ve simply become me. And that is what I like about this guy.

  • Mauricio Villamil Betancourt 8 months ago

    Jimmy wins my heart every day and every year. What a sweet and good human being. Gracias Jimmy

  • Yaseer Abbas 8 months ago

    this guy looks so freakn creepy.

  • Xaos 8 months ago

    He is shedding light on something people just ignore or look down upon. ? don’t completely agree on what he is saying but he is very brave to talk about his personal experience. ❤️

  • david white 8 months ago

    ? Y the F..K is he wearing a skirt


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