Jonathan Metzl: Dying of Whiteness | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on May 18, 2019

Professor and author Jonathan Metzl joins Bill to discuss how the politics of racial resentment is killing America’s heartland.

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  • John Di Francisco 4 months ago

    If someone wants to truly kill themselves, they do not need a gun. Personally I would have some respect for those I left behind and not leave such a mess.

  • Leon L 4 months ago

    How can you want to commit suicide when your fighting and struggling to survive from day to day. Hardship!! Minority people have been fighting to survive from day one in America. Use to hardship. When your use to being at the top or let’s just say a common feeling of superiority or subconscious privilege you don’t even notice cause your so use to it and all of a sudden you hit rock bottom most people of privilege don’t know how to handle that…..bang!!!

  • tim adams 4 months ago

    Two things. First what is this “white privilege” they keep talking about. Second and more important, reverse racism. Call me crazy but reverse racism is no racism. Racism is racism no matter the skin color. Funny how only white people can be racist.

  • Daniel Cadwell 4 months ago

    this “white privilege” nonsense being spouted by white people is downright disgusting.

  • Abouttime K 4 months ago

    Said the two white dudes🤔

  • Pizza Fest 4 months ago

    (((Jonathan Metzl))).

    Every. Fucking.Time.

  • Jeremiah Turner 4 months ago

    Republicans are killing America. Namely the poor. There is a culling of the population happening from the upper tiers. White America better wake the Fuck up. Trumps of the world and “conservatives” Are nothing more than the rich LIQUIDATING THE POOR

  • anttslaughter 4 months ago

    So white people in general and white men in particular are suffering a little bit more under Trump? BOO FUCKIN HOO

  • Tom Rooney 4 months ago

    Can somebody, just once, explain white privilege? Seriously, I’m an Irish person but half my family are American, and it’s not them who are entitled to jobs, education and handouts purely based on the color of their skin. This is is such a divisive, unfounded trope, and it will only ensure another Trump term. Dems still believe that infantilizing minorities is how keep their vote. The lack of gratitude on the left is staggering.

  • Abouttime K 4 months ago

    There really is no sensible whiteness though🙄

  • fuchusen666 4 months ago

    Lax gun laws cause suicides? By that dumb logic Japanese suicides are caused by lax tall building laws. It sucks that he would say something that stupid when he was making some good points about their own racial resentment hurting themselves.
    Suicides are caused by the person wanting to end their misery, and having a lethal means at hand makes it more likely, but there are always plenty of lethal means at hand without guns.
    Maybe these high rates are in red states where workers are highly exploited. Maybe it’s states with bad healthcare and nonexistent mental health care. Maybe it’s states where they have gutted education to give tax breaks to the rich. Maybe it’s state where they are drinking contaminated water because of lack of regulations and heavy metals are effecting their brains, (how would you know since they aren’t getting health care).
    If you want to do something about suicide, maybe try to improve peoples lives so they won’t want to fucking kill themselves. Blaming guns is worse than doing nothing because you fail to attack the fundamental issues in favor of some lame feel good security theater that the police will use to further oppress the poor and minorities.
    Who do you think they are going to be searching for guns? Do you think they are going to be locking up these white middle class men for gun crimes? Of course not, but hey will keep killing themselves.

  • Can we Copystrike 4 months ago

    thumbnail looked like jason statham lol

  • M. Hall 4 months ago

    The Comrades Trumpsuckers are licking that asshole with force in the comment section.

  • Peter 4 months ago

    It has become fashionable to hate (white men). This is largely being driven by: Jewish owned media, Jewish owned hollywood, Jewish owned social media. and the disproportionate influence of jews in university’s and colleges. Even white people are being taught to hate themselves.

  • Wooster 4 months ago

    A federal ban on gun research…really?

  • Eldar Eldar 4 months ago

    Greenspan and globalization; maturation of trends founded in the early 90s. Jordan Peterson on a more logical path of analysis.

  • Mr Olonzo 4 months ago

    It’s ok to be white.

  • NotReallyABlessing 4 months ago

    I agree with the guy on gun politics, but seriously… white men don’t commit suicide because they have guns. Japan has much more suicides on average and has almost no guns. Germany has very strict gun laws, also high suicide rates among white men.

    Really, sloppy argument from the professor.

  • Schweissfrei 4 months ago

    There is a federal ban on research about guns? The fuck america?

  • MrAsap2000as 4 months ago

    I knew it, it wasn’t drugs or jobs that is making these men kill themselves, it was whores. Damn whores.


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