Jonathan Majors – “Devotion” & Acting as a Way of Healing | The Daily Show

Published on November 16, 2022

“If you can touch the sky in your life, you can pretty much do anything.” Emmy nominated actor and star of “Devotion” Jonathan Majors discusses why telling the story of Jesse Brown is important, loving people and acting despite being antisocial, and preparing for his Men’s Health magazine cover.
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  • Tyrina Brown 🇧🇸 7 months ago

    How thoughtful and sweet of Jonathan!! Trevor you will be truly missed!!! I guess the count down is on?!

  • Adera M 7 months ago


  • Jess Wythspone 7 months ago

    Too much beauty at once.

  • Ant 7 months ago

    The next Denzel

  • brook Parsons 7 months ago

    Beautiful, Just L9vely!!!! <3

  • Passer-by 7 months ago

    Man I’m gonna miss Trevor as TDS host…hopefully he’ll be doing something in comedy still….but what class and sincerity from Jonathan Majors…and what a generational talent he is…always pours so much into his roles and portrays his characters with such a unique charisma that reminds of greats like Denzel, Pacino, Christoph Waltz

  • Isimi Oyekunle Mark Taiwo 7 months ago

    The flowers was one of the masculine thing I have seen no cap

  • p s 7 months ago

    Most non white actors play the villain roles in USA and in real life, a much higher percentage of them are in prisons too. Is this trend perpetuating forever ?

  • Dishonest Track6 7 months ago

    Johnathan Majors bringing Trevor flowers made Trevor have second thoughts for a moment. Quick let’s send more gifts!

  • April Martin Chartrand, M.S. 7 months ago

    December 8th is Trevor’s last Day at the Daily Show… and then he goes on tour. Wow, we are going to really miss Trevor every day online. He got us trough the pandemic, current endemic and more. Just going to miss his light.

  • suzawilo 7 months ago

    Only seen When we rise… Need to check his other work when given the chance.

  • Traverse 7 months ago

    another version of kang

  • Isaac Opio 7 months ago

    Kang, the Conqueror


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