Jonathan Haidt The Coddling of the American Mind

Published on October 27, 2018

NYU social psychologist and author Jonathan Haidt joins Bill to discuss how good intentions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure.

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  • Rudy Jimenez 2 years ago

    Alf look alike

  • William Miller 2 years ago

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, remember that Democrats.

  • rivr crse 2 years ago

    I get what he’s saying but i don’t think it’s mental illness.

  • TentaclePentacle 2 years ago

    Free range your kids, and don’t forget to spank them when they get out of line.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    I think I need a hug now.

  • Nikola Bijeliti 2 years ago

    What do you think it would take to convince all the Chinese to bring millions of Mexicans into their country until the Chinese themselves were a minority, to intermarry with all those Mexicans, and to call anyone racist who refuses to do so? Impossible, you say?
    But this is exactly what is happening to White people in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It is White genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Charles Green 2 years ago

    4:32 ✊? 7:36

  • UatuOmega 2 years ago

    Bill–ask your question and let him answer. Stop continually adding your opinions into your questions and talking over your guests when they’re trying answer you.

  • David Harrison 2 years ago

    TLDR: Get off my lawn

  • robert w 2 years ago

    Wow… Rough out look, id say sobering but I’m gonna go do the opposite…

  • kt t 2 years ago

    they have been saying ‘kids today’ years and years nothing new campuses are afraid of getting sued

  • DiscoDynamiteTNT 2 years ago

    Yeah bill drop the far left before they eat you

  • SpiritualFox 2 years ago

    Pence seal vain YA +70%.
    The ‘am i pretty?’ of holocausts.

  • Katzztar 2 years ago

    Talking about the mother and screaming kid in the store… reminds me of an event I’ve seen while working in Wal-Mart. It was a young teen, not a 5 yr old, but she came in throwing a hissy fit; yelling and actually threw her coat on the floor. The mom  was right behind her, grabbed the teen’s arm and smacked her rear. The mom turned to me and said “Sorry I am NOT abusing my child, I’m disciplining her.” I grinned and said “Thank you, and I agree, its not abuse.”

  • neosoontoretro 2 years ago

    Yeah, I’m started to not buy this anymore. The idea that “millennials” are being overly sensitives because they spend too much time on the internet makes very little sense if you actually understand the INTERNET. It is a window to infinity amount of offensive material and yet Jonathan Haidt thinks the reason millennial and generation z are such snowflakes is because digital devices hinders them from going on more dates? I call bullsh*t.

  • Supreme Reader 2 years ago

    5:33 that’s why we have the problems we do in America. That’s why Donald Trump got elected.


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