Jonathan Alter: The Best 96th Birthday Present For Jimmy Carter Is To Get The Vote Out For Biden/…

Published on October 1, 2020

Author Jonathan Alter, whose new book is titled “His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, A Life” says a great way to honor the 96 year-old former president would be to go and “work your butt off” in support of the Biden/Harris ticket. #Colbert #JimmyCarter #JonathanAlter

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  • Paula Gandolfo 2 years ago

    I love ❣️ Jimmy: his worm-busting cap; he l”ost his faith” over the treatment of women. Beautiful human .

  • Regina Santos 2 years ago

    TRUMP knows when he looses, he will go to jail, not only him but lots of republicans who thought they could have a free ride on American’s back. Can’t wait to see what they have been up to🤔

  • Christophe Crispel 2 years ago

    This is a scandal. I have never seen a president acting that way.

  • Brian Lacy 2 years ago

    As for Carter, GOP / Reagan did backroom dirty deal to hold Amer hostages to cause Carter’s loss, despite both houses under dem control. If dems fail to use their power, guess who will??? Just like Obama’s first term, bc dems do REALLY want to advance the interests of corps, not we the diverse people…

    “The team around Mr. Rockefeller, a lifelong Republican with a dim view of Mr. Carter’s dovish foreign policy, collaborated closely with the Reagan campaign in its efforts to pre-empt and discourage what it derisively labeled an “October surprise” — a pre-election release of the American hostages, the papers show.

  • mary jones 2 years ago

    beautifully said, ty mr alter, mr and mrs colbert, mr batiste and stay human. president carter has always been my fav potus. his was, in fact, the first presidential election i got to vote in. after nixon, i didn’t trust politicians easily, but the little info i could find on him convinced me to grudgingly vote for him. i was very glad that i did as his term went on. he was the president that we needed, to get us through some very tough times and to protect our future. i still do that about heating and cooling temps, lol.

  • Dr. Less Charcter Theguiltiwon 2 years ago

    I am 49, involuntarily born in 71 under #Presidont Slickxen, next was Ford RePubliCon’s! Then aybe 6 or 7 yrs old & Carter came in. I remember his kindness alm. He was the Anti-Trump?

  • Cyber Hugs 2 years ago

    Maybe we need another farmer in the white house. Love Jimmy carter

  • Cicakkibin 2 years ago

    I thought he was a great president. I am in the uk.

  • Kind of Unkind 2 years ago

    Washington stepping down being the first peaceful transition of power in the history of the world? Republican Rome laughs its ass off.

  • ih8tusernam3s 2 years ago

    Trump’s a national security threat. If he doesn’t come up with the finances, creditors are coming for his thumbs (Putin, Deutsche Bank). I wonder if he’s stealing national secrets as a form of collateral? It seems like something that his character would align with.

  • Ian Sinclair 2 years ago

    Washington gave up power because he modelled himself on Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. Washington was not the first to give up power.

  • Lisa B 2 years ago

    Yes, vote for Biden as a gift to President Carter and America! Great tribute to RBG to vote out Trump, too.

  • Larry Tanksley 2 years ago

    I have to agree that Jimmy Carter was ahead of his times in so many areas even as he was not in tune with the prevailing national hubris that defined the Regan era. He is still a hero to me

  • Bea FreeAll 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday President J. Carter….

  • Martin Bruhn 2 years ago

    That’s not true, that Washington stepping down was the first peaceful transition of power.

  • David Kempton 2 years ago

    The “problem” with Carter was he was a modest person in a show job. Reagan acted Presidential while being a tool of the Oligarchs. Carter DID Presidential things, but did not preen and posture like the Washington Bully Club requires, so he got no traction. Being RIGHT makes you NO FRIENDS in politics. Right is NEVER a question, only “How does this get me reelected?”

  • Stevethegoat 2 years ago

    You idiots are all still at home? 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Johnny Yuen 2 years ago

    Jimmy Carter is a great president but he is misunderstood bc he practiced Christian virtues and didn’t toot his own horn. Some notable things done under his watch: legislation written in plain English, the F-16 and A-10, and environmental laws before global warming was fashionable.

  • Mitchell Foy 2 years ago

    The vicarious nature of politics emboldens the disempowered and champions the mentally weak.
    The psychically and economically displaced are neurologically force to blame any thing threatening to their hopes. Hence Trump and the five second world attention span.
    Xx Australia love ya xx

  • Tipsy Bass 2 years ago

    Jimmy was my fave President that served b before I was born. He’s responsible for the solar panels on the White House (Reagan dismantled them while in office). Which proves that the technology was there to start the process of going green..


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