Jon Stewart Talks Confederate Statues, COVID-19 & “Irresistible” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on June 25, 2020

Jon Stewart discusses the removal of Confederate statues, the politicization of the pandemic, what gives him hope and his new film, “Irresistible.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JonStewart

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  • Mike Dempsey 2 years ago

    Trevor calls Undertaker “Bill…” Jon call Mark Calloway immediately.

  • Russell Hare 2 years ago

    Can we change our electoral process? Our current system isn’t proportional so it doesn’t really seem like a government that represent the people. A party can get 60% of votes in a state for the HOR but it doesn’t mean they will get 60% of the seats. And independent parties can barely get any representation because our electoral process isn’t proportional. So a lot of people don’t have their interests represented in our government

  • Craig Wayne 2 years ago

    Did Trevor actually go red!! 😱

  • Glynis Marthinussen 2 years ago

    If you can do it without dimples 🤣

  • r. grambo 2 years ago

    more liberty for “essential workers” means taxing the living hell out of billionaires

  • long le 2 years ago

    This is the only time that i wish this conversation with john would last longer

  • Carrie See 2 years ago

    Jon Stewart talks I listen period

  • Lawrence V. Texas 2 years ago

    Small Game Taxidermy?

  • Daniel 2 years ago

    Legendary. If politicians were one tenth as caring and involved to provide for, give justice to and uplift the US citizens, as Jon Stewart is, the US would truly become great again.
    I want to give this this video and also Trevor’s Channel a million more likes.

  • Asusena Romero 2 years ago

    “Do the show without dimples.”

  • MULTIPLY520 2 years ago

    Trevor has been doing The Daily Show justice but this makes it official hearing the master himself give his approval.

  • Soraw Y 2 years ago

    Jon Stewart for president

  • Isa Leal 2 years ago

    Jon Stewart 2020

  • Jason Gent 2 years ago

    …I guess one of the silver linings of this pandemic cloud is seeing Jon Stewart back on the Daily Show, even if it’s just for a night to plug a movie.

    I absolutely love Trevor Noah, and the direction in which he has taken the show, but I also love me some Stew Beef.

  • JenniePlusOne 2 years ago

    John and Trevor are both fine AF. John as aged really well and great to see him have such empathy and understanding for the working class/essential workers.

  • Josh Bell 2 years ago

    “without dimples”

  • herbal ursa 2 years ago

    Rank Choice Voting

  • Dean Vocht 2 years ago

    Two voices of two generations. Holy fuck. We needed this. Thank you so much, both of you.

  • Hero of light 2 years ago

    Careful Trevor you don’t want to draw The Undertaker into this.

  • J 47 2 years ago

    “papa” who else remembers this epic scene

  • kinn grimm 2 years ago

    “sanitary conditions are a liberal myth”
    best case szenario Trumpsters recognize their flawed logic,
    slighly less best case szenario … they don’t and defend that argument and act accordingly …

  • dianawapooh 2 years ago

    liberal puppets

  • Garryn James 2 years ago

    2 incredible intellects and insights into things as they are. Sanity in insane times.

  • Terri Turner 2 years ago

    Great show!!! Jon Stewart is sorely missed. Thanks Trevor for continuing Jon’s smartness.

  • Abdulaziz Ladan 2 years ago

    You should have said “my eyes are up here” 😂

  • TheBestWayOne 2 years ago

    Get rid of the hate
    All Schools name after the Racist Malcolm X leader of the racist organization Nation of Islam must be changed, evil within.

  • apauls 2 years ago

    *POTUS can put all the racist monuments and confederate flags in TRUMP Tower, and at Mar-A-Largo, if he loves them so much.*

  • Andre Moraes 2 years ago

    Trevor: “America is the only place where the virus has become a political thing”

    Me: Have you seen Brasil?!

  • TheBestWayOne 2 years ago

    Nike made by slave labor, and worshiped bad news.

  • thetruefistofthenort 2 years ago


  • Fun Sun 2 years ago

    The decision to hire Trevor was visionary. Trevor is the best, always so relevant, fresh and vital. I LOVE him; and am so over the Jimmy’s, Steven’s and the other late night hosts who are like yesterday’s newspaper.

  • EDGAR SARIBEKYAN 2 years ago


  • S. Hinzman 2 years ago

    So lovely and heartfelt – it was like a sweet family reunion

  • Anthony Brown 2 years ago

    America fell when the media, corporations, economists, and politicians turned politics into a sport with teams and ran the ball towards ratings and spiked the ball in the endzone and flicked off the crowd…America cannot go backwards anymore, to many stupid people shouting all at once just wont let anyone breathe or think about anything progressive or simply drown out those trying to make change come about. The literal ONLY way to bring America back, is if 200million plus people refuse to pay taxes for one month collectivelly and at the same time.

  • Gina Doyle 2 years ago

    Don’t ditch the dimples!

  • Dichtsau 2 years ago

    i remember the premiere/sky live-transmission that nobody can find nowadays online cuz it was never publicly broadcast, where the undertaker tried to KILL the edge in a smackdown-championtitle-fight, after the edge distracting the referee so that 2 of his m8s can jump into the ring and beat undertaker into his (by kane, 2 weeks before) hurt lower spine.
    the undertaker went SO GODDAMN MAD, he just slammed off those 2 jerks, nearly 1hit-k.o.’s, then went SO enrage on the edge, the edge didn’t even realize what’s happening to him. until he was in the most cruel legscissor mankind had ever invented, literally impossible to break from both inside as outside, unless u break MANY bones from the outside.
    it took 4-5 security guys, the referee, the assistant-referee’s, the medical team AND several wrestlers waiting in their lockerrooms to take undertaker off of the edge. which was only possible because the undertaker LET them.
    at that point, the edge was bleeding thickly out of both ears and his entire head was DEEP PURPLE.
    i think it was WWE Smackdown 2004 or 2006, maybe 2008. i believe it was a even number, but if it wasn’t, it’s 2005 or 2007. i saw it live.

  • Rabah El Aawar 2 years ago

    Please, please explain as to why Jon Stewart is not taking care of his looks anymore? 😑

  • Dixie Ten Broeck 2 years ago

    My MD started using tele-med due to the virus; he hasn’t figured out to look at the camera, yet, & he’s a very bright person! *(He sees my FACE, I see a **_BALD SPOT.)_* 😏

  • kabaddiify 2 years ago

    Dumbest Interview

  • S.A.M McNaughty 2 years ago



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