Jon Stewart Joins The ‘Trump Attacked Me On Twitter’ Hall Of Fame

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Published on October 9, 2017

Try not to break down in tears while watching ‘Pussy’ Jon Stewart recount the moment from his childhood when he realize maybe, just maybe, he could achieve the unachievable.

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  • 0fF+on 2 weeks ago

    Fuck Fuckface Von clownstick.

  • New Message 2 weeks ago

    Man.. I wish Trump’d attack all of us on Twitter… Instead of just destroying the country at us like he’s been doing.

  • o0Avalon0o 2 weeks ago

    Jon Stewart, both you and Stephen Colbert made me realize I had to think for myself, take a good hard look in the mirror, and be honest that I care about reality, and I have different beliefs than my entire family.

    Thank you

    I’m sorry we couldn’t stop this surge of hate, I feel like you taught us better than that, but please know we’ll work hard to make this country better for everyone!

  • idriss buni 2 weeks ago

    woow shit again n again. .Happy tomorrow for all of US

  • Jon M 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who noticed this is from 2013 though?

  • Mikey Vengenz 2 weeks ago

    You don’t ATTACK Jon Stewart! He will DESTROY you!

  • Jake A 2 weeks ago

    I’m just gonna say that I would pay money to watch Stewart and Trump have a debate.

  • Baron von Quiply 2 weeks ago

    We’re all proud of you, Jon.

  • Corey Meyers 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know what’s real anymore, Am I real?

  • lazyperfectionist1 2 weeks ago

    How would Trump’s election prospects have been without Twitter?

  • tigeruby 2 weeks ago

    Jon Stewart should make a come back on YouTube or twitch.

  • Lene Engstrand 2 weeks ago

    😂😂What a nobel President you have who cares about the American ppl .Congrats to You .

  • Jacob Nystrom 2 weeks ago

    I can’t decide if this is more hilarious or more depressing.

  • TheDeathwalker86 2 weeks ago

    I just turned Democrat again… Jon Stewart was a person I trusted ….om now I’m back to Trump 2020. But man jon Stewart could bring me back .so easily

  • Peter Griffin 2 weeks ago

    try getting it in focus

  • LateNightHacks 2 weeks ago

    You glorious bastard! come back, we need you 🙁

  • dante dmc 2 weeks ago

    Your prez is a joke just look how he is talking and how is Putin talking

  • TangiersIntrigue 2 weeks ago

    Trump is clearly unhinged. I would love to think all of this is somehow part of some kind of plan but he is showing clear signs that he is losing his mind at an incredible pace.

  • Julia Connell 2 weeks ago

    so Presidential – pussy grabbing, calling someone a pussy on twitter – brings real dignity and respect to the oval office (which as Trump so keenly notes has no corners…)

  • Clovis de Cruz 2 weeks ago

    I must sign up for twitter.


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