Jon Hamm Gives Seth the Perfect Call Sign for Top Gun: Maverick

Published on May 27, 2022

Jon Hamm talks about people watching Mad Men for the first time during the pandemic, seeing the first Top Gun in theaters when he was fifteen and his call sign in the film Top Gun: Maverick.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Kasper Salonen 2 years ago

    Frisbee is a pretty perfect coincidence since it’s the name of his dog. Then I heard Sea Captain and I did a double take! Perhaps Seth didn’t jump on it because the character of the cap’n is a (retired?) naval officer himself already. And also having the callsign Frisbee will probably annoy Samberg, which I think of as a bonus 😀

  • Paul Edward Johnson 2 years ago

    Seth’s call sign would certainly be ‘Jackal’. Colbert’s would be ‘Gandalf’. Fallon would be ‘Sara’ with no ‘h’ because h’s are Ew! or ‘Sully’

  • Gary Byrne 2 years ago

    Topless Gun?

  • New Message 2 years ago

    My wife still calls him ‘sandwich meat’, and she won’t tell me who the other piece of bread is.

  • swansox 2 years ago

    I wish this was longer, Jon Hamm has a great sense of humor. His trip to Hong Kong with Richard Ayoarde is a lot of fun too.

  • Dr. Prepper 2 years ago

    Nope, Jackal. No doubt, Jackal.

  • Blindado General Osório 2 years ago

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  • Vicky witton 2 years ago

    Looking forward to shirtless volleyball scene!

  • EL OBJETIVO 2 years ago

    Jon Hamm looks like Robert De Niro

  • Abhi U 2 years ago

    I can never get over how goofy Hamm is in real life compared to his Don Draper persona on Mad Men. He’s unquestionably one of the greatest actors of our generation.

  • steve conn 2 years ago

    Jon once sent me back a MM cartoon parody I made and sent him with his signature. Super guy from a super city (St. Louie).

  • MJ 2 years ago

    So I guess the Knitting Jackals are going make a patch – Seth Frisbee Meyers

  • Michael Gould 2 years ago

    Jon Hamm needs to play Cary Grant in a biopic

  • FJ K. 2 years ago

    There’s obviously something very liberating when you’ve been promoted the same film three times already..


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