Jon Favreau on The Lion King, Beyoncé & New Star Wars Series

Published on July 12, 2019

Jon talks about making The Lion King, being nervous about the audience reaction at the premiere, the animation process, working with Beyoncé, cooking with celebrities and chefs on “The Chef Show,” and writing and producing a new Star Wars series on Disney+ called “The Mandalorian.”

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  • M M12345 9 months ago

    Disney are releasing too many live action remakes at once and it’s making them less special, back when Beauty and the Beast came out in 2017 there was more of a hype because it had been a year since Jungle Book had been released. We’ve already had 3/4 this year? I’m loosing track!

  • 3ßaska himself 9 months ago

    Happy hooogggaaann ma boii ??

  • FunkNatives 9 months ago

    The reason the MCU exists is cause of this man and Feige…more so of Jons vision of Iron Man back in 08

  • MarcusWelbz 9 months ago

    “original” they say

  • Isaac Tupou 9 months ago

    This video was 58% worth it thumbs 58% up!

  • Daniel Christopher 9 months ago

    Directing a film in virtual reality… That’s what’s up!

  • parth arora 9 months ago

    Is it me or Jon favreau exactly dress up like Happy Hogan

  • Sam Spencer Silverberg 9 months ago

    Have you seen chef?

  • Lawrence Stevens 9 months ago

    The movie is wack

  • Gabe Shakour 9 months ago

    The range of Jon Favreau’s body of work is just incredible. I mean from writing “Elf” to essentially starting the MCU with “Iron Man” to writing/directing/starring in “Chef” and now directing the “Jungle Book” & “Lion King” live action remakes.

  • Ernesto Herrera 9 months ago

    If this movie wins an Oscar, hopefully they really really show recognition to the cgi-vfx artists

  • Futureb0y 9 months ago

    why is the lion’s prey bowing to who their going to get eaten by…..

  • jim Moore 9 months ago

    I’ll be watching it on my phone

  • Matthew Bryant 9 months ago

    ok… so I was rolling a joint, cause what else are you doing watching youtube…? but, I looked up and saw a Zebra and was like, “oh check out the Zebra” and then, “the circle of life” music came in and I was like, “wtf, that’s just a zebra, Zebra’s are too stupid to be able to talk” and I just began laughing out loud… I really don’t think I can watch this because, Lion King is an animation… like, the musical was cool, but, not sure I can see this and not be the subject of reporting for laughing throughout this version

  • David Medina 9 months ago

    Swingersss. Your money baby

  • Firehorse 9 months ago

    I will always admire this man because he directed Iron Man.

  • tanuj9802 9 months ago

    Jon Favreau is one of the most versatile people in Hollywood if you think about it.

  • Daniel Condran 9 months ago

    Favreau has Boba Fett socks. That’s the start of a beautiful friendship lol

  • Kalmanta 18 9 months ago

    I love that every single title has Beyoncé in it ?

  • Christian Stoleski 9 months ago

    the movie is meh


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