Jon Bernthal On The Teacher Who Saved His Life | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on October 17, 2022

Jon Bernthal thought he’d “drop acid and watch movies” in his college acting class, instead, it changed his life. Hear more from this episode @

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  • Afaf Lutfi 4 months ago

    I’m a simple person. I saw Jon & Conan, I straight away clicked this link

  • Dillon R 4 months ago

    Great Actor and Human Being. Much Love John and you too Coco. 😉😂

  • Cyber Punk 4 months ago

    Happy to see him more on screen.

  • Max 4 months ago

    Wow. Jon’s married to his teacher and his wife. Incredible.

  • Lo Lo 4 months ago

    Whx they have no more good guests?
    It’s lately boring people that have to promote some Hulu series

  • The Sprawl 4 months ago

    Jon Bernthal is immediately likable and has that characteristic that Kurt Cobain apparently had: of actually _listening_ to what you’re saying rather than just waiting for an opportunity to speak. At one point he starts interviewing Conan, it just naturally happens because he’s actually interested in other people’s opinions. I like that.

  • Brandon Linsey 4 months ago

    I HATE Liberals! But i like Conan. Hes cool and down to earth and NORMAL! He may be in the Left’s Circle, bit you can tell he uses more conservative views and morals. He seems to have common sense, which 98% of lefties dont use or possess

  • Marty J Wind 4 months ago

    Jon MUST be on Barry next season. The antagonist.

  • Blactrick 4 months ago

    Roll my eyes at those “self-made” people.

  • Jaydev Raol 4 months ago

    Jon was so great on this episode. His podcast is also really good. If you are a fan then check it out and show him support. ❤

  • Frans Schreuders 4 months ago

    Conan saved my life… JK, I made that up.

  • Trebor Retsnom 4 months ago

    Love the Dougy’s of life

  • jeanpierre rivera 4 months ago

    Sounds more like “Plinko”
    instead of pinball thru life ☺

  • Ganon 4 months ago

    For the love of god upload full episodes. Why are they never released in full video form.

  • Lee Williams 4 months ago

    Really like listening to Jon.

  • danam0228 4 months ago

    I loved the Punisher series and his cameos in DareDevil which was also great. A bit different, but equally great. Would be interesting to see the Punisher and DareDevil also appear on Iron Fist sometime since a few other characters appear or are mentioned there

  • Nima 4 months ago

    Jon big fan bro but that vein popping ouuta the neck is pretty big. Prolly strength training.

  • Orodon Kassa 4 months ago

    Everytime I see this man I think “Could he be more attractive?”
    And every next time I see him I go “Yes, he can.”

    And then there is Jon Bernthal

  • Jessie Sanchez 4 months ago

    I heard the podcast today and now with this video I needed to look for his veins on the neck, thanks to Sona and Matt.


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