Jokes Seth Can’t Tell: Serena Williams’ Carriage Ride, TikTok’s Lesbian Checklist

Published on September 29, 2021

There are some jokes that just sound wrong coming from Seth, like the one about two teammates on the WNBA’s Connecticut Suns getting engaged to each other.

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  • Jeff Sole 1 year ago

    remember that time seth said black women and lesbians are liars? good times. 2021! woo! Jeff Bezos did it! We made it!

  • Brett Myer 1 year ago

    Keep the audience out of the studio!

  • Dizzy Dude 1 year ago

    I’m glad that “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” is still around. ☺ Good call to not overdo it and do it only once every so often. But it would be nice if the writers could come up with a new ending besides, “Seth, why don’t YOU tell one?”

  • Anthony Johnson 1 year ago


  • MissMamie 1 year ago

    Funny stuff. Seth’s delivery is phenomenal, and I love the way he credits his writers.

  • Jon O'Guin 1 year ago

    Since a fair number of people are asking, and likely more will: for the Black Opera Skit joke, look up “hip hop skits”.

    (If you don’t want to: a lot of rap albums back in the 90’s and 2000’s would open with a semi-comedic skit, typically to set the stage for the album/first track. It (along with outro skits and any other skits) would help pad out track lists, and let the artist have a little fun/set-up context for a particular song, or wrap up an idea. These skits still kind of exist, normally showing up as mini-skits partway through modern music videos, but they’re less common. So the joke is that a Black opera writer would use the same bit for their work.)

  • Jolomeli Betanzos 1 year ago

    I don’t want the public to come back.

  • Scott Richards 1 year ago

    great segment as usual. cheers

  • b3z3jm3nny 1 year ago

    Can someone explain the bachelor host joke?

  • Adrian Szymanski 1 year ago

    Not to be a jackal or anything.. but you give a monolog every WEEKNIGHT, not every night! Tho I for one would welcome episodes on the weekend! Loved this episode tho, the three of you are so funny!

  • Make Racists Afraid Again 1 year ago

    If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’d be Trump.

  • Beth 1 year ago

    Oh dear… that’s MY keychain. What am I gonna tell my husband??! 😉

  • jon c 1 year ago

    Puts new meaning into “who smelt it dealt it”. Can’t blame G-ma anymore

  • Penny Lane 1 year ago

    Oooo Reverend Run is gonna be mad

  • d bo 1 year ago

    “they met at the start of the first quarter” lmfao

  • missrenee2u 1 year ago

    BEST comment section on YouTube… Full of ppl who can actually enjoy a joke. We laugh together, we’re all different, and it’s called UNITY. It’s not that hard 🤣

  • d bo 1 year ago

    “But it’s the bachelor so even though it was an eight figure it only had a four face”

  • Jennifer Lucas 1 year ago

    Seth I have a new bit for you and use it for eternity I won’t even charge you it’s called what I thought I saw my phone it goes like this. in 2017 I thought I saw on my phone the president of the United States but it was actually a big ol phallic symbol like Jeff Bezos…. rocket ship.

    See how I did that it is funny

  • Johan Vajse 1 year ago

    “mixed feelings park” made me chuckle


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