John Travolta Returns to the Brooklyn Pizzeria He Made Famous in Saturday Night Fever

Published on June 14, 2018

John Travolta chats with superfan Jimmy about being welcomed back to Brooklyn by 10,000 fans when he stopped by the pizzeria he made famous in Saturday Night Fever, and he reveals how the Gotti family personally got him to play infamous mob boss John Gotti Sr.


  • pempers1885656 7 months ago

    i guess he will be the new witcher

  • Videoscord 7 months ago

    Mr John Travolta hasn’t changed much in all these years.

  • middle ground 7 months ago

    His voice is do damn cute

  • 2211tomash 7 months ago

    Wiggin out

  • Alfie871 7 months ago

    0:05 what is it with the fake laugh?
    Thats to much man.

  • Shelonda Evans 7 months ago

    John has aged gracefully, he looks really good.

  • Leandro Almeida 7 months ago

    Brazil ❤️

  • murry001 7 months ago

    one word “SCIENTOLOGY’

  • June Galo 7 months ago

    Wow travolta

  • Peter Shaw 7 months ago

    Hair transplants dont work for everyone

  • angelheart0212 7 months ago

    Jimmy you were talking too much. Should’ve Let him talk more !

  • AJ Johansson 7 months ago

    Nice hairpiece.

  • Joni Lupo 7 months ago

    That hair ain’t real

  • tjpm 7 months ago

    When i was a little little girl less than 8. I went to the movies with my uncle to see Grease. When the movie was over I refused to leave the movie theater. So my uncle hid to see if I would get up. Needles to say by the middle of my second viewing the theater security told me I had to leave. I got up and my uncle was giggling standing next to the exit door. He was the best for doing that. I loved Grease.

  • Sahar S 7 months ago

    John Travolta is looking really nice ♡♡♡

  • aceic3327 7 months ago

    Lenny’s pizza.

  • Milan Kochan 7 months ago

    Does Jimmy ever let his guests speak? at all.

  • TheHobbit28 7 months ago

    He’s looking good

  • Sun Yellow 7 months ago

    Love John Travolta!!! His humbleness and yet his suave flare and all around talent. Seems like a great guy to work with and be around. Seems like he has learned from his long life of experiences and hardships to look towards the bright side of life and be grateful for the good times. Im glad Jimmy showed him such respect. I know a lot of others who don’t cut him much slack because he is still a scientologist, but it’s what he credits with getting him through the rough times. Whether the crap he went through in life was due to the scientology, or despite the scientology is up for debate. Whether his successes were due to or despite the scientology could also be up for debate. I think Scientology likes to take credit for all the positives and dismiss the negatives as nothing to do with them, just outer circomstances beyond their control. But the second it goes well for a celebrity scientologist, they are quick to put the spotlight on them and remind people he is a scientologist. Regardless, though, he has been through some rough spots, losing his son, for example. So if his faith can bring him a sense of inner reconciliation, or peace with himself, it is probably a good thing for him. Maybe some day he will take a look at the abuses others have brought up about scientology, but for now he is not. It’s good to see him coming back to his roots of Brooklyn, though! I’m sure Brooklyn would also like to take credit for his successes. We are such a fickle nation.

  • Retro radio 7 months ago

    Everyone’s on Travolta’s hair like it matters. It’s not that important.


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