John Oliver Thought the 2020 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Was Perfect

Published on November 26, 2020

John Oliver reveals how he got Adam Driver to participate in his Adam Driver bit on Last Week Tonight and talks about why the Rockefeller Christmas tree fiasco perfectly represented 2020.

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  • BookBWitched 1 year ago

    DAMN! TWO OF THE MOST DELICIOUS MEN ALIVE! So dang pretty, devastatingly funny, sharply sarcastic, powerfully aware, staggeringly astute, beautifully articulate, sexy as hell…I’m gobsmacked by these two guys and I’m an old crone.

  • Jason Tempel 1 year ago #Liberals #sniff #NazisRaus

    *Eliminate the Illuminati…see that this message is heard!!!

    *Buy Air-time* Our children’s liberty is at stake- Freedom has no substitute – America no equal! $data The instrument of the House of Rothschild #OneWorldGovernment

  • cowslane1 1 year ago

    I wholeheartedly cheered for the Adam Driver bit. Like “Finally, other people recognize the thirst!”

  • Jason Tempel 1 year ago

    John Oliver & his fake nose LOL

  • Nathan Wagner 1 year ago

    i literally think john oliver is the best thing in the world, consistently for the past 6 years.

  • Agatha Illa 1 year ago

    Great to have some off-season John Oliver!

  • Tim Coyne 1 year ago

    I was bummed that Last Week Tonight had its season finale, but my joy this morning, seeing John Oliver’s face in my YouTube notification, was unparalleled. This was a very good way to begin the holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • Gloworm Sparkle far 1 year ago


  • A Morfus 1 year ago

    All trees are beautiful.

  • TexSweden 1 year ago

    The backside of the tree no one wants to see…The TannenBum…

  • D123 Mahesh 1 year ago

    John helped me preserve my sanity. I have never laughed so much in my life as much as at the end of every shi**y week we’ve had this year. God bless him.

  • Lorri 1 year ago

    I have such a crush on you, John Oliver.

  • Skaldenwolf 1 year ago

    Did you EVER thought it maybe wasn’t acting? 😉

  • Harmon Swartz 1 year ago

    That bit in the finale, was brilliant! The whole episode was gold!

  • Catherine Praus 1 year ago

    Love how they even fucked up what state it came from

  • flea10x6 1 year ago

    and… Adam Driver is a former Marine. I don’t know if he could have been an explosives expert, but…..

  • prometheus660 1 year ago

    2020 was the year I lost the best job I’ve ever had. It was the year the love of my life threw me in the trash. It was the year my lifelong best friend was killed in a car wreck, 1 month after another childhood friend was killed in a brutal hit and run.

    In a nightmare of a year two things gave me hope…the 2020 election results and John Oliver’s Adam Driver bit. The former showed me that things can, and probably will get better. The ladder showed me I was still able to laugh and enjoy my life.

    Good riddance 2020.

  • Peter Bathum 1 year ago

    omg. yes yes yes. that whole Adam Driver bit was lovely. He deserves it, that giant wooden hulking beacon of beauty….

  • Carrie 1 year ago

    From the first scene Adam Driver was in on Girls, I remember being blown away by his talent.

  • RoxKenway 1 year ago

    I absolutely adore both of them.


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