John Oliver Shares How Panicked He Feels About Coronavirus

Published on April 14, 2020

John Oliver critiques Seth’s home studio and reflects on the beginnings of the coronavirus in New York City and his wife’s experience as an army combat medic.

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  • Adrian England 2 years ago

    John Oliver’s wife is a former army medic who went to war….The legend continues

  • 22Piroko 2 years ago

    John Oliver looks like he has smeared his lens in Vaseline

  • Joe Madden 2 years ago

    The best thing to happen to society is having these two untalented hacks locked up in their homes and hopefully never leaving.


  • black bird 2 years ago

    A New York State Guard unit had to get donations from family and friends to SHIP metal from The Adirondacks to Afghanistan in order to rig-up armor plates for their Humvees. Pathetic! Disgusting! If the Department of the Army can afford expensive weapons systems but NOT protect the troops with basic armor plating we have an inverted system of priorities.

  • Greg Jones 2 years ago

    John please wipe wipe your web cam lens even just a little

  • homeless hector 2 years ago

    Here’s the full video
    The White House Presidential presentation to the national press regarding the covid19 04/13/2020 they get ripped apart🤣🤣🤣🤪

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 2 years ago

    John’s camera looks like it has been stained by the effects of rat erotica

  • ted kaczynski 2 years ago

    you’re giddy during this disaster???

  • Marius Thefaker 2 years ago

    Is anyone making a ‘Keep Calm and WHAT THE F*CK?!’ mug?

  • Rachael Injustus 2 years ago

    They are friends

  • Torben Otten 2 years ago

    Meanwhile, John didn’t even clean his camera lens 😂

  • Nancy Lauten 2 years ago

    It’s EASY to predict STUFF that’s done DELIBERATELY!!! ~ Duh!

  • Bug Features 2 years ago

    “You can’t argue with nothing” – say that to your president and he will try it.

  • Original50 2 years ago

    Satire titans! My only sources of news from the USA :O)

  • F Clarke 2 years ago

    When you are interviewing people get them to record their end and you record yours the editor can splice them together please stop recording the video chat screen the drop outs aren’t acceptable for someone on YouTube let alone with a budget.

  • Joe Madden 2 years ago

    Hey late night robots, house about doin a story on Communist China throwing Africans into the street and blaming them for the Wuhan flu?


    I forgot. You robots are only programmed to; Hate Trump, Hate Trump, Hate Trump, Hate Trump, must hate Trump!

    Meyersoid, Oliverobo and the other late night synthoroids like Kimmelstein, Fallon 500 and the others need to have your memories wiped and replaced with something better…

    …like freedom.

    Repugnant monsters all.

  • Anders Helgeson 2 years ago

    How are people working in media filming themselves with Nokia 3310s? This and Bon Apetit and stuff I mean its like 1998! Content is there but wtf?

  • Kndl Ro 2 years ago

    Why is the quality of John Oliver background substantially less then his own home show?

  • Walter K Bauer 2 years ago

    Corona -19 in NYC, was like Schrodinger’s Cat.
    We knew there was something in the box.
    Thanks to Trump, NYers were encouraged to stick their hands in the box.
    Then stop thinking about having cat scratch fever!

    Thanks Seth, and John for keeping us sane.

  • Charles Elmore 2 years ago

    You people are doing a fine job.


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