John Oliver Responds to Ron DeSantis Calling Him Irrelevant

Published on March 14, 2023

John Oliver talks about Ron DeSantis’ bizarre dating technique, discusses his reaction to an article written about him by The Times and shares why he doesn’t have guests on Last Week Tonight.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Tommy Vercetti 6 months ago

    John Oliver IS irrelevant though.

  • Swift Dog 49er 6 months ago

    This was the best interview and stuff comes up and these 2 we need to see on stage!!!

  • Trudi Wilson 6 months ago

    Creepy Ron.

  • snowbaordguru 6 months ago

    Another way of saying it is: all of the smart women DeSantis tried to date are gone.

  • Mark chapman 6 months ago

    He made mock the week…that’s not easy but his head writer Dan obrian is the key part of the rant format…

  • Matthew Sharpe 6 months ago

    Can someone explain what’s funny about either of these people?

  • Daren Halfpenny 6 months ago

    “Black belts in passive aggression”. Come on, that right there is syntax that slays!! It’s just phenomenal word-play. Add to that the excitement and over exuberance of a child who’s just discovered a discarded line of coke on top of the cistern in the school toilet and it’s just infectious. We’re not worthy!

  • Patchez 6 months ago

    I don’t usually enjoy the guest segments. But this one was quite enjoyable.

  • Parsnip Guy 6 months ago

    John and Seth together are a powerhouse

  • Saul Arellano 6 months ago


  • J J 6 months ago

    Always gold with these two

  • Travis Repp 6 months ago

    Man, what a fantastics video. Nice to have a good laugh with my coffee 🙂

  • D k 6 months ago

    2 comedians who think they are owed a response by people who are trying to save the country. Just entertain us please. Stop taking then seriously. What’s wrong with people.


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