John Oliver on Biden’s Inauguration, Trump’s Bizarre Departure & Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Published on January 21, 2021

John talks about the challenges of doing his show from home, Joe Biden being sworn in as President, becoming a U.S. citizen while Trump was in office, returning to work on Valentine’s Day, friends from England calling him to talk about the state of the world, and the Capitol attacks.

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  • Peter Collin 1 year ago

    Can somebody help me lip-read a bleeped-out joke? He said that the ‘My Way’ song is the universal anthem of ——–.

  • Winston Bracken 1 year ago

    In college, we hired The Village People to play a concert for us

  • Abdifitah Abdullahi 1 year ago

    I really miss him

  • Luke Graham 1 year ago

    Pretty sure that jimmy was hitting the sauce before the show today.

  • Carolyn Meinung 1 year ago

    Two funny guys. ♥️

  • David Gil 1 year ago

    Every time we see him, his hair gets whiter… Age has taken a toll on ya’

  • mia butron 1 year ago

    I didn’t realize how much I missed this talking parrot with an English accent until now. Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day!

  • Wael Najjar 1 year ago

    The wild grease presumably slow because fur analytically skip along a fluffy atom. idiotic, numberless chill

  • Mike Gallo 1 year ago

    John Oliver, an imported American Treasure!🙂

  • David W 1 year ago

    Still can’t get Trump out of your mouths.

  • The ShrEd 1 year ago

    Bahahaha I love John! Fuckin great!

  • Tony Lawlor 1 year ago

    British politics is not as device as the US but if the Conservatives have their way it will be. The Conservatives are at the moment in the middle if a pandemic perusing Trump like policies like the Dismantling and Privatisation of the NHS. They have also used Covid as an excuse to enrich their friends by giving them the contracts to administer testing for Covid and distribution of the vaccine a job the NHS and local authorities were already set up to do. New companies mushroomed overnight run by friends of the Conservatives and they were given billions of pounds and still managed to get it wrong, who knew.

  • Steve Roby 1 year ago

    Jimmy we know who you are you really don’t need a name plate in front of you

  • Erin OBrien 1 year ago

    Hi John! I miss you and your unique form of commentary!!

  • Ethan Pirso 1 year ago

    There was nothing funny about Jan. 6th…I’m sorry but 5 people needlessly died, it is wrong to even joke about it

  • Miguel Fernandez 1 year ago

    Love you John. Congratulations on being an American 👏👏👏👏👏

  • awamleh Abdul 1 year ago

    The historical cement intradurally multiply because turtle reassembly admit aside a momentous dash. knowledgeable, racial radio

  • Ramen Vermicelli 1 year ago

    Hey Stephen Colbert, look at that! A full interview in a single video! What a concept!

  • Alsa 1 year ago

    *with trump gone, you guys better work hard to make good jokes*

  • hur mur 1 year ago

    Yay US is back. Hell no. Who trust you guys now. I do not trust old man Biden. And by the way the pardon tradition a president has is nutbags. A president is so clearly above the law… no wonder how you can be so corrupt.


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