John Oliver Has Trouble Describing What Gives Him Hope

Published on July 20, 2019

All kidding aside, John Oliver confides to Stephen Colbert that he finds hope for these dark times when he sees kids being nice to each other.

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  • Dee Cohen 2 years ago


  • Cobalt360Degrees 2 years ago

    I swear John has more greys every time we see him and I’m starting to wonder if we should be concerned.

  • The Sneezing Picture 2 years ago

    “Finding the G-Spot” made it through the CBS censor?

    They must have never heard of it.

  • Black Rod 2 years ago

    Can we split the JO interview down into further fragments? A nice dozen would be nice, about 1.5 to 2 mins a piece.
    Wtf CBS. One of my fav people and you’re shattering his interview!?

  • Alexis Conklin 2 years ago

    Two of the best in the business. Could watch either of them interview the other for as long as they have stuff to talk about.

  • libramartin 2 years ago

    and their producers tell them every day “3,6 roentgen, not great not terrible” ;>

  • Bonnie Emm 2 years ago

    My two favorites……more please

  • Ксения Ковалевская 2 years ago

    Well he may not know what gives him hope but he gives me hope.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 years ago

    It would be amazing if John Oliver and his evil counterpart Steve Mnuchin are guests on the same night! That would give me some hope.

  • Haze H 2 years ago

    this perfectly sums up the spirit of the left wing worldwide: so used to getting fucked in the ass by the ultra rich right wing that they don’t even remember what a win could look like.
    even though people like john oliver or stephen colbert try their best to show the bullshit coming from the GOP and wall street they still accept the right wing bullshit like 9/11, the Iraq war, iran/contra, vietnam, etc, etc.
    if you believe the bullshit the right wing puts out in the world, of fucking course you fucking morons you will never be able to beat them.

  • Dan Bee 2 years ago

    I like to remember sean connor’s line from first knight.
    “never ive up! never surrender camelot!!” . he does take an arrow seconds after but sees the victory through.

  • JG 46 2 years ago

    What depressing most is the realization that the one thing that kept the USA above everyone else, what made us a real #1 in the world is dead. The rule of law. Subpoenas can be ignored, crime not prosecuted for the rich, and the government is above the law. The US most powerful weapon was the people’s belief in the rule of law. That’s dead now

  • yeoboshong 2 years ago

    two good friends. Love it.

  • NG 2 years ago

    Verbal wizards, love it?

  • Tedge Ward 2 years ago

    Barack singing Amazing Grace!

  • Sāfto Rangen 2 years ago

    can we get a bi-monthly podcast of these two just chatting for an hour or two? could also rotate former daily show cast as guests. this is delightful

  • trueconsumer6 2 years ago

    He is British…he can’t have hope!?

  • Carl Rosenzweig 2 years ago

    John Baptiste playing Bach’s Air on G String in the background right after Colbert comments on “finding the g spot” LOL

  • N R 2 years ago

    Don’t worry John! Things are dark now, but their terribleness always brings us closer together in the end! The news is always designed to look bad.
    There’s millions of incredible things happening all over the world right now at the grass roots level, everywhere, amazing things. Even accidentally, or subconsciously.
    Each individually too small to report on, but collectively steering the world in the right direction, closer to each other, towards understanding.
    As the minority of intolerant people get smaller, the perceived pressure on them gets greater, and they get hotter and louder, but our species’ trend is going one direction only: Unity.

  • eponack 2 years ago

    When this pair interview I always feel like I’m eavesdropping on a private conversation between friends.


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