John Oliver Compares The UK’s Handling Of The Coronavirus With America’s Pandemic Response

Published on November 3, 2020

John Oliver says that people in England have had a hard time responding to the coronavirus but nowhere is it as bad as it is in America. #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver

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  • Rendor Williams 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for not putting that horrible clapping at the end. It’s not so much that clapping is bad, but your clip was too loud and TOO SUDDEN. It literally started in the middle of the applause, without any warmup or warning.

  • Marilyn Garry 2 years ago

    Canada here…. Love you Oliver!

  • Jade Valour 2 years ago

    OMG!!!! WHEN have I laughed so much!?! These two were absolutely BRILLIANT together! Thank you!!!

  • Britonbear 2 years ago

    Boris Johnson is a slighter more intelligent and better spoken version of Donald Trump.

  • Walton Street 2 years ago

    I can’t wait for shows and interviews to go back to being fun like this instead of the daily ‘who or what did tRump kill today’ despite how important these shows were for never allowing the orange psycho clown’s actions to be normalized.
    We all need sanity again.
    Last chance…vote that weak narcissist conman puke out of office.

  • Arturo Monreal 2 years ago

    🇺🇸USA-> Dr Fauci & 🇲🇽Mexico-> Dr Lopez Gatell (two superb doctors) // But People need to start listening to those who know how to Handle this Health problem. Stay safe, have a great Election Day 💪🏽

  • keith c 2 years ago

    John Oliver has a waste treatment plant named after him. Very fitting.

  • You Tube 2 years ago

    There is no surge in the uk.

  • PicoNano 2 years ago

    Please sir,
    May I have some more John Oliver please?

  • Tim W. 2 years ago

    Stephen saying ‘Fuck You’ to john with honest frustration on his face was amazing, compairing this to the 2016 stephen colbert perfectly shows what happened this year.
    Good on you guys for having some fun in this shitshow if a year

  • Yatekko 2 years ago

    John Oliver is always the largest breath of fresh air. I love the man.

  • Lianne Amanda Anderson 2 years ago

    As a Brit, believe me… there’s resistance. People are following where America leads… lots listen to trump, they don’t need Boris.

    There’s a large and growing group of people who are anti establishment, anti science, anti control, conspiracy minded people just like in the states 🙁

    If people would just listen and trust and conform (for just a little while!) we wouldn’t be in this mess… we’d be out the other side like other countries that trusted and acted with compassion

  • akaimizu1 2 years ago

    I did not expect the DUNE joke. That was highly appreciated.

  • Infinity Stepping Stone 2 years ago

    Wow, I can’t believe how good Cher still looks! What is she, 109 by now?❤❤❤

  • Roland Giersig 2 years ago

    Call it what it is: John Olivers migrational background… 👍😁

  • George Hackett 2 years ago

    Oliver has been binge watching The Wire – ‘you come at Danbury you best not miss’. Ha!

  • SkyrimElite vids 2 years ago

    Legitimately the most fun interview I’ve seen in years. Laughing my ass off!!!

  • Lindsay Smith 2 years ago

    John Oliver is a living national treasure.

  • Henning Mogensen 2 years ago

    thanks for all the fun and laugh’s in this episode.

  • EveryCrazyDay 2 years ago

    Kinda feeling like America is influencing the new anger and unrest in other country’s slightly. I mean the management may be terrible too in their country but the whole, “TaKInG AwaY MY FrEeDom” attitude you pick up definitely seems uniquely American.


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