John Mulaney Is Watching The Real Housewives of New York for the First Time

Published on April 17, 2020

John Mulaney talks about watching The Real Housewives of New York, the lack of apologies in the series and feeling nostalgic for banal sections of New York.

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  • Leon Bellingan 2 years ago

    But what about Petunia? We want to see Petunia!! We know she’s right there, we heard her bark.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Kinda expected a table flip at the end of this.

  • Belinda Garcia 2 years ago

    Omg!!!! The best thing during the quarantine this week is these two coming together 😭🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰

  • Lara S 2 years ago

    How is he getting his hair cut, when nobody else can?

  • axiytuns 2 years ago

    there is just something odd about watching this scaled down version of the show

  • James Viice 2 years ago

    oh wait, there you are

  • Thanh Mai 2 years ago

    You know you’ve ran out of topics when two straight middle aged men have to talk about Real Housewives of New York 🧐😎

  • FoCoPuffs 2 years ago

    Poor John had to have pants on for his intro

  • ERROR 2 years ago

    Love means never having to say Your Sorry ~ hahaha. . . Thanks for helping Me Smile Dude’s 😎

  • Louis Sallie 2 years ago

    I know John doesn’t consider himself sexy, but he’s SO boyfriend!!! I feel like all gay dudes would adore him if they knew who he was, and I swear I don’t think he’s corny at all. 😭💗😏

  • Ridikipickle Peckinpuff 2 years ago

    John Mulaney lives in a hotel made out of shadows

  • dafttool 2 years ago

    I just want to put the Trump nightmare behind us, & go around asking strangers “We’re good, right?”

  • Jason Kelly 2 years ago

    500 Error

  • Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer 2 years ago

    If your conversation has 4 parts to it just put it all together in one video or number them ffs.

  • evan1238 2 years ago

    Him in his standup talking about his girlfriend wearing the pants in the relationship was clearly based on reality with the shows they are watching, and I am happy John is making the best of the situation 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Anto Wibowo 2 years ago

    isolated or not there’s just something inherently entertaining from watching john mulaney makes seth giggles and laughs

  • Doug Helms 2 years ago

    Are you guys related? You look alike.

  • Jon Adamich 2 years ago

    Literally woke today and thought, why hasnt Seth had John on yet. Well la-de-dah

  • RecordRewind 2 years ago

    Well he’s definitely beating Martha Stewart in appearances on the show now haha


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