John Lithgow Captures the Age of Trump in Poetry and Cartoons with Dumpty



  • F V 11 months ago

    Holy shit I have to watch this movie now

  • Conspiracy Theories Revealed 11 months ago

    That title + picture makes you wanna buy that book.

  • Gerald Draper 11 months ago

    Fat John Lithgow = John Lithcow

  • ANS TROOPERS 11 months ago

    Hey jimmy

  • Mylène. B 11 months ago

    ?C’est un acteur impressionnant??

  • jelinaangel 11 months ago

    Why is everything so political on fallon lately? … i watched fallon over Kimmel because he wasn’t political but now it’s ruining the show with all the political crap… cmon Fallon

  • team 89er 11 months ago

    Welcome back High Commander. How’s Harry?

  • FLO 11 months ago

    I bet that he didn’t have the republican national committee bulk-buy his book to make it appear on the NYT bestseller list, like Don Jr. did.
    The american people should be definitely triggered. You are being robbed in plain sight and you quarrel over peloton and hallmark ads. SMH!

  • Larry Williams 11 months ago

    God I’m so sick of hearing celebrities with trump obsession the country is running better with trump than Obama the only difference is hollywood is retaliating because there elite girl Hillary lost big deal he gets them back on Twitter do you blame the man these are the same people that kept there mouth shut for 8 years of bad policy. …why do they think that they own the moral highground with trump you get the raw deal without the phony actions I want to run my life not hollyweird and big government

  • New Message 11 months ago

    That cover pic is perfect.. it captures all his slovenly smarm.

  • Trina Holman 11 months ago

    Bloody good book. Got mine. Get yours!

  • squattingheads 11 months ago

    yeah cause people who cant even say what a woman is, are super reasonable

  • Concerned Citizen 11 months ago

    I bet he didn’t have to purchase copies of his own book like every other conservative “author”.

  • TheKaiTetley 11 months ago

    Humpty Trumpty wanted a wall
    Humpty Trumpty became hysterical
    The wall just got 10 feet higher
    Shouted the pathological liar
    And who’s going to pay
    The citizens of the U S of A

  • Oden Black Cat 11 months ago

    The hate for President Trump has consumed them. They give him more free publicity than anyone else and his supporters love it.
    Time to change tactics morons.
    The maestro is 17 moves ahead of you.

  • Mario Garza 11 months ago

    I’m in route to purchase the book

  • Kit Kat 11 months ago

    He’s great. Love his humor. Going to buy several copies and share with my Republican friends and family, for XMAS gifts. (Not as a white elephant gift, either).

  • Erica Merovich 11 months ago

    Disgusting haters.

  • Pilou Pilou 11 months ago

    Winston’s here guys!!!

  • Shepard 11 months ago

    Pile of shit propaganda film. Sorry, but after what happened in 2016 and what the media did to Trump, and all the lefty dem late night political commentators, you will not see another dem president in your lifetime. You have all royally fucked up.


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