John Legend Talks Ending Mass Incarceration

Published on September 29, 2015

America is #1 in the world when it comes to incarcerating citizens, and John Legend wants to change that with his #FreeAmerica campaign.

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  • Victor Marinescu 4 years ago

    thanks Obama

  • David H 4 years ago

    What a Legend!

  • Ant Grisham 4 years ago


  • Rich Sweeney 4 years ago

    Good man.

  • Susan Bame 4 years ago

    Really good to hear this.

  • EPIC MOMENTS 4 years ago

    I wish he had said: “Bernie Sanders comes to mind…”

  • Kleavers 4 years ago

    Taking away voting rights just because they went to jail is insane.

  • Harikrishnan Premprakash 4 years ago

    Bernie supports your cause you blind sheep. I think Bernie is the only one
    helping the cause.

  • Jonathan Taylor 4 years ago

    The United States legalized “Marihuana” in 1942 to make equipment for the
    military during World War II. Please watch the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For
    Victory. The special license to grow hemp that is shown in the film reads,
    “Producer of Marihuana”. Because of the war on drugs, local and state
    police forces have military-grade equipment and the “Land of the Free” has
    the largest prison population on Earth. The solution is simple: legalize
    “Marihuana” again to make equipment for the police in the war on drugs.

  • Michael Schaefer 4 years ago

    kudos John legend. .. keep pressing forward

  • Laura Ryan 4 years ago

    Want to end incarceration? How about ending crime? The US also has the
    highest homicide rate in the developed world, rape and sexual assault is
    still at epidemic rates (with which the majority of perpetrators walk
    free), violence, robberies, etc…

  • User Error 4 years ago

    Boy, does he have a point. I’m with him on this.

  • Žiga i 4 years ago

    “A lot of candidates on both sides”

    Bernie Sanders being the only one

  • classictvguy1 4 years ago

    I wish that he had mentioned Bernie Sanders by name as one of those

  • Brufz 4 years ago

    I didn’t new any of that. It’s pretty delusional. Thank you John for your

  • poppaDehorn 4 years ago

    -the prison industrial complex give millions of dollars to congress to
    create/enforce harsh drug laws
    -the governemnt(dea/cia/police) works with drug cartels to get drugs into
    the country (just caught again a few days ago)
    -police target poor, minority neighborhoods to enforce the harsh drug laws
    which fill prisons
    -the prison industrial complex make billions of dollars from inmates and
    our tax dollars
    -rinse and repeat

  • Brigid Greene 4 years ago

    Amazing. America Out-Incarcerates Every Single Other Country in the World!
    China, Russia, all of them.
    When they’re released from prison, they have no voting rights. What are we

  • LOS COSMOS 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders wants to end private prisons fyi!

  • Medium 4 years ago

    *Insert random Bernie Sanders comment that has nothing to do with anything

  • Aldo Klixen 4 years ago

    putting people in jail is a business minorities are usually put in jail to
    loose there right to vote. its a win win situation.

  • Sammi White 4 years ago

    Damn, Stephen can sing

  • alberto meza 4 years ago

    just follow the #beeernn

  • frank jones 4 years ago

    I think people oppose voting rights for cons because they have an attitude
    of “if you’ve committed any wrongdoing, you should suffer ALL the
    consequences… and then some more.” Black kid gets shot by cops? “He
    shouldn’t have broken the law.” Girl gets knocked up with unwanted child?
    “She shouldn’t have had sex.” Guy’s life is ruined because he had a little
    weed on him? “Shouldn’t have been doing drugs.”

    I honestly believe this attitude stems from the Bible, with its “all are
    guilty of breaking the Law” doctrine. When you believe someone should
    suffer for all eternity simply for having a ‘human nature’, it’s not so
    great a stretch to think someone should be punished in this life waaaay
    beyond the original offense.

  • poynt100 4 years ago

    The 70’s gave us the War on drugs

  • abemagic10 4 years ago

    6 Million! ack . that’s bad

  • Magnus Nygaard 4 years ago

    …land of the free and home of the SCARED!

  • Sean Morrison 4 years ago

    Fun fact, John Legend doesn’t know how to button up a dress shirt.

  • proteuseffects 4 years ago

    Bernie Sanders 2016 #feelthebern

  • Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs 4 years ago

    4% of the world’s population, 25% of its prisoners. Mass incarceration, and
    the conditions that lead to it, are the #1 issue facing this country, not
    some local conflicts on the other side of the world. America is dooming
    itself more and more every year.

  • 2011lillian 4 years ago

    I like that Colbert asked if he had hired anyone with a criminal record.
    Also very cool that he actually has and is truly knowledgeable and
    passionate about this cause. ??????


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