John King on That Beautiful Magic Wall & Guiding Us Through the Election

Published on November 12, 2020

CNN’s John King talks about Election Week in America, doing math on air, being a “map geek,” guiding us through this whole election process, young people getting involved, the moment they decided to call the election for Joe Biden, and working with the great Wolf Blitzer.

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  • Gagan 4 months ago

    I was watching this guy explaining updated info and stuff to the new and old audience tirelessly. I was so impressed by his dedication to his work. He’s cool.

  • Danny chong 4 months ago

    2nd Trump administration mean temporary gov’t under military that usual pop out after the nation under curfew. Just military pick Trump to manage the nation during transition period since the existing cabinet already dissolved and Govt cease to exist or why Trump everyday play golf

    But dont forget ganny method that could cure COV19 without going to hospital or Google “Danny Woo Vk” in Bing, if link don’t exist in my video.

  • Neemah Salakha 4 months ago

    John king is legend..

  • HandSton David 4 months ago


  • E M Trinidad 4 months ago

    CNN and its crew was blasting on my living room television from Tuesday to Saturday night. I only wanted to see the moment Wolf Blitzer called it because Wolf is the man I trust to tell me 😁Everybody on CNN did great! It was highly entertaining; Anderson, Chris, & Jake’s sassiness was exactly what I needed in my world and Wolf and John’s calm professionalism was a great balance. They did good!

  • Fiona Lyons 4 months ago

    John King was AMAZING. I couldn’t change channels here in Ireland. He guided us through the process …and threw some shade at the fantasists as well. Brilliant job John. Greetings from Eire.

  • michael leemoui 4 months ago

    Don’t air Trump on media

  • Theodore Olson 4 months ago

    I teach English to children in Viet Nam. During the election some of my kids tuned in to the coverage during their break. Many Vietnamese are huge Trump fans because they hate China.

  • Rob By 4 months ago

    And thanks from Oz. We were watching with interest, down under. As we all are still watching & waiting, & waiting, & waiting.

  • ngirabedechal 4 months ago

    John king got some huge ass hands

  • SongBird2020 4 months ago

    I love John King. I hated seeing him stand so long though. He seems so sweet.

  • Aaron Levy 4 months ago

    The biden Scale ⚖️
    (A system of measurement of death as a tool for political gain)
    Every 250,000 deaths = 1 biden

  • آرثر 4 months ago

    Thanks for having the great John King. I was watching him from Saudi Arabia every time he shows up. What a great anchor.

  • Marvymarie R 4 months ago

    What a difference from Tucker and Hannity ! Doesn’t it feel good ,to be informed about the truth , for a change .

  • Tim Ohail 4 months ago

    If you look at it, it’s the red states in the center. Doesn’t mean they don’t count, they’re just disconnected.
    Technology is spooky to them?

  • ㄕ r a n o y ㄕ r a v e e n 4 months ago

    This is the only map Americans own which shows the blue is more than red. Every other map if you guys take a look, with the same exact marking Red states are drawn bigger than the blue and it would look like Red has dominated the Blue. So I am guessing they redrawn them from a flat earth perspective instead of the point of view of looking at a sphere maybe, I dunno either ways now it looks like Blue won the election. My OCD was never convinced before now I am, 😅

  • Renegade of Funk 4 months ago

    John King is a National Treasure.

  • John William van Huyssteen 4 months ago

    Jimmy you are a looser

  • Saeed 4 months ago

    In America if you know how count 1-100 or calculate percentage of anything, you are a genius.

  • General Louis 4 months ago

    Trump finally built the wall. ” The blue wall” lol


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