John Kerry Defends Nancy Pelosi

Published on November 21, 2018

John Kerry talks about the Iran nuclear deal and shares his take on the blue wave of the 2018 midterm elections.

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  • torrential-rage 7 months ago

    The establishment is worried about Justice Democrats.

    On a related note, what a sad and pathetic let down John Kerry became. Shame on him.

  • kieran 7 months ago

    If Nancy Pelosi is so awful and ineffectual to achieving the goals of Democrats, then why are republicans so opposed to her??????? The #FiveWhiteMen not only need to take a seat, but be called out on their misogyny and as the republican sympathizers that they are. All of these men challenging Pelosi are far from being Progressive Liberal Democrats. They ran as Centrists, but are more in line with the Republican agenda and have voted against bills to protect the rights of minorities, women, healthcare and the lower and middle classes.

  • Anne Ruby 7 months ago

    Oh John Kerry. I’m so sad to hear you support Nancy Pelosi. Not surprised, just sad.

  • david fraser 7 months ago

    Immoral just like Pelosi and Schumer. Time for a new breed Democrat

  • issa osama 7 months ago

    Kick Pelosi out she is a light conservative and so is this man. It’s time for actual leftist agenda to take control and lead towards a better future.

  • Travis7060312 7 months ago

    Reasons Trump wants Pelosi as speaker
    – GOP fundraises & turns out base off of bashing her
    – Her approval is 28%, makes him popular in comparison
    – She caves to the GOP all the time
    – She fights her own base all the time
    – He knows whoever replaces her will obstruct him & go left

  • Travis7060312 7 months ago

    And those people that turned out don’t want Plosi. You’re spitting in their faces by forcing her on us.

  • New Message 7 months ago

    As a Canadian, I gotta say it’s not that hard. We just hide it behind passive aggressive politeness, good Sir.

  • Jennifer Lynn 7 months ago

    Muppet Face

  • sanjuansteve 7 months ago

    Obama, HRC, Pelosi and the DNC all sold out all the way to right of center to take full advantage of citizens united for their own personal Greed!!!

  • sgbobsg 7 months ago

    The Republicans and Alt-Right hate Kerry because next to Drumpf he looks like a real president. Smart, experienced and compassionate. Not a big baby worried about how his hair looks.

  • Ed Axeman 7 months ago

    Rich corrupt politicians protecting each other!

  • Dunn Gyllite 7 months ago

    Sorry Mr Kerry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Pelosi is in the pockets of big corps just like many other Dems and even more Reps. She is NOT the right person to lead the Dems, not even “transitional”. Period.

  • el B 7 months ago

    Nancy Pelosi approval ratings: 28 %
    Donald Trump approval ratings: 40%.
    Look at her contributions and you see why Trump still managed to beat Coorporate democrats.

  • james evarts 7 months ago


  • soniaustralie 7 months ago

    Of course a republican will support Nancy Pelosy … she is so corrupted… because of her and the Democratic establishment… they control de Senate and Supreme Court … no wonder why Trump also supports Nancy Pelosy !! Her career can be summarised as a big corporate donor sell out …. she is the voice of lobbyists within the government, she has done more bad than good !! It’s time for a progressive agenda with real progressive elected!

  • Daniel Ortega 7 months ago

    Damn her nancy

    John Kerry still the same party man.

  • Lord Beerus 7 months ago

    I’d like nancy more if she wasn’t against the democratic party’s base and saying “no” to a specific idea what they (The people) want.

  • pR1mal 7 months ago

    There is no defending Pelosi, she is what she is. A Republican in Dem Sheepskin.

  • J R 7 months ago

    No no Nancy…. we want a true progressive leader… Beto O’Rourke for president 2020


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