John Goodman Misses Working With Roseanne

Published on January 11, 2019

John Goodman talks about filming The Conners without Roseanne, fans talking to him about The Big Lebowski and the movie that inspired him to act.

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  • SuperVistaprint 1 year ago

    what dear seth meyers…. is this now a way to kinda retract from the public blamegame? the need to be non ofending, if it is not against white, straight males is cringe at its best.
    we are not better than them, they are not better than we. everybody is fair game to be made fun of, or nobody is! if you and your cliques of elites don´t stop this dangerous trend – you will “woke” yourself out of a job because soon everything will be offlimits

  • AntiIchIchIch 1 year ago

    If Aldolf Hitler and Mrs. Piggy had a lovechild: Roseanne Bar

  • thejobloshow 1 year ago

    “Ultimately led to her leaving”. She didn’t leave, she was removed after selling her rights of the show to ABC so the people she thought were her friends would get to work. The media smear job on Roseanne was cold blooded and you contributed to it Seth by turning this iconic figure in American comedy into another totem to launch your hack writers’ anti-Trump nyuk nyuks.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    I get it.. I miss my pill popping, racist, functional alcoholic Uncle sometimes. He told great jokes too.

  • kevinmuehl Muehlkevin 1 year ago

    yea, too bad she’s a racist.

  • Mr407Mike 1 year ago

    I don’t miss her.

  • Sambou Jaiteh 1 year ago

    John Goodman’s not in any Marvel movies, but is still on Disney/Pixar’s payroll. Get on it, Disney, make him the Living Tribunal or something. He deserves a nice retirement.

  • SomeRandomDoctor 1 year ago

    Yeah she’s not a great person because of what she said, but that shouldn’t discredit everything she did for the show and it’s continuation

  • Teo and Adi 1 year ago

    Roseanne the Nazi racist and typical MAGA terrorism and treason voter. I know this when you get really fat like John did, and then you get really old and your body decays away, all that stretch marked skin hangs off your crypt keeper body, making you look even older and haggard.


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