John Goodman Has So Much Fun Playing a Televangelist on The Righteous Gemstones

Published on September 18, 2019

John Goodman talks about his boxing hobby, playing a televangelist on The Righteous Gemstones and his love of driving across the country.

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  • Sadiq Mohamed 10 months ago

    A delightful man and a very fine actor.

  • Bea FreeAll 10 months ago

    Head out to Folly Beach John, and stop by at a restaurant at Bowen’s Island….just don’t park near the water the tide comes in …lol…

  • Dimples 10 months ago

    Never mess with a man that says “I can do the time”

  • Geoffrey Feinberg 10 months ago

    He’s a legend.

  • William H. Baird 10 months ago

    John is such a sensational human being! Met him in Montreal at the Casino. He was speaking French very well to some the staff. Impressive!

  • Drew Lovelyhell 10 months ago

    I love how he calls Seth “Sir”.
    He was raised right!

  • Bartlett Mk 10 months ago

    I’ve never met the man but I imagine John Goodman is one of the most likable fellas one could ever meet.

  • Daniel Campbell 10 months ago

    You can always tell he’s spent some time in Saint Louis by the way he talks/acts. To those of us from this part of the country, it seems pretty obvious.

  • anafbmad 10 months ago

    he has a wife and a boyfriend, dude is pretty liberal

  • Lisa Burton 10 months ago

    He is a great actor.

  • Matt Smith 10 months ago

    Love John Goodman ! Seth Meyers is so fake and annoying.

  • RVT 10 months ago

    Looks great. Lost a lot of weight. Great actor. Specifically in Big Lebowski and Flight – and so many more.

  • Vinista 10 months ago

    If he loses more weight, I could see him playing Robert Mueller.

  • Lisa B 10 months ago

    Sweaty! That sums it up.

  • Dawn Tucci 10 months ago

    I just love John Goodman!

  • claire bigelow 10 months ago

    One of my most favorite actors…and my favorite Tv husband…loved Dan Conner..!!! you look good John !! love ya

  • Taylor G 10 months ago

    My God I love John Goodman

  • Jumpingjacks10 10 months ago

    Goodman is the man!

  • BabakoSen 10 months ago

    Now that Goodman’s dropped a bunch of weight and I know who Robert Mueller is, Goodman looks a helluva lot like Robert Mueller.

  • Sean Calabro 10 months ago

    What is job of dignity and accomplishment Seth Meyers, you sit there and Buddy up to strangers every night. Mostly the Rich and famous. I bet many dignified people turn down that job. Seth Meyers you are a fart out of Donald Trump’s ASSHOLE! Hahaha!


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