John Dickerson Says Washington And Lee Aren’t The Same

Published on August 18, 2017

CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ host John Dickerson isn’t letting the President get away with an equivocations of secessionist Robert E. Lee and two of America’s Founding Fathers.

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  • fantage20012 11 months ago

    Still not sleeping

  • CozmicSaber's Opinions 11 months ago

    Pretty great answers

  • reading1012 11 months ago

    Colbert: Cheers to America!
    Dickerson: To…your health.

    I don’t know why I just cracked up at that 😂

  • Lego Insomniac 11 months ago

    It’s an additionally false comparison because Lee never even owned slaves. So anyone who says that it’s a slippery slope towards taking down every statue of people who owned slaves doesn’t even know what they’re arguing.

  • in the honey honey 11 months ago

    It’s all about control.

  • Orange Hitler 11 months ago

    Washington saved us from slave society itself.

  • Himanshu Singh 11 months ago

    What song is the band playing as the outro?

  • panasonikkuho 11 months ago

    A very well spoken political interview as of late.

  • MCL MG 11 months ago

    Change truly has happened in the USA, from being a country that bravely fought nazism, to a country being governed by a neo nazi supporter. Republicans are complaining but not prepared to do anything about it

  • Patrick3751 11 months ago

    Here’s a little history lesson for you John. Lee did not lead the Confederate army because he supported slavery. He led it because his home state of Virginia joined the Confederate cause and he feared that if he sided with the north he would have been fighting against his friends and family. (People tended to be more loyal to their states rather than their country back then) If Virginia had opted to support the Union, Lee most definitely would have been a Union general.


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