John Dickerson Adds Historical Perspective to Presidential Race

Published on September 3, 2016

The host of ‘Face the Nation’ mines stories from past presidential elections for insights about the current race.

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  • Farah Massuh 1 year ago


  • calebwilford 1 year ago

    Congratulations on the first season!

  • Michael Baker 1 year ago

    TRUMP 2016! He has already won stupid liberal cucks. Can’t be stumped!

  • John Bantha 1 year ago

    So I wonder what happens once this race is over.. will we all just forget
    about Trump and move on? And what about Bernie Sanders? Will he leave some
    tracks in the snow?..

  • DBZFan2 1 year ago

    As a Trump supporter, it’s funny to watch these stupid Bernie supporters
    online sad! hahaha #TrumpTrain

  • Simohamed Mourchidi 1 year ago

    im early

  • Mayheamk 1 year ago

    Is it true that John Dickerson is a hidden secret faggot?

  • S Lanche 1 year ago

    J.D. coulda been an astronaut.

  • Adrian Duran 1 year ago

    Trump is the leading presidential candidate of the Know-Nothing Party

  • Sean Blargh 1 year ago

    Trump, Goldwater, Wallace, we’ve all seen this before. Many people of my
    generation make the mistake of thinking that what is happening now is
    somehow unique and has never happened before. In reality, politics, sports,
    ups and downs in entertainment, deaths of beloved musicians/actors/people
    has pretty much happened a lot in the past.

    2016 isn’t the year things went to shit. We were all saying that watching
    Sarah Palin. We were saying that listening to Romney talk about binders
    full of women. We were saying that in 2004. And 2000. And 1996. We’ve been
    saying this since the start of history.

    Don’t make the mistake you’re living in the end of times, it’s pretty much
    something people think even during the “golden times”.

  • The Big James 1 year ago

    Nothing better than the daily show and a Joint!


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