John Cena – “Elbow Grease” & Bringing the WWE to China | The Daily Show

Published on October 13, 2018

John Cena explains why he’s teaching himself Mandarin and talks about why it was important for him to address bullying in his new children’s book, “Elbow Grease.”

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  • Ralph Vandamme 3 years ago

    Who’s Trevor talking to? I can’t see anyone…

  • Mark Horne 3 years ago

    Look different with the hair

  • Ryan McDowell 3 years ago

    0:01 “So great to see you again.” Stop lying Trevor ????

  • Chinmai Naregal 3 years ago

    Is there a glitch or is Trevor talking to himself???

  • got_z _dead inside 3 years ago

    Who is he interviewing? I can’t see the person.

    Original joke yeah yeah i know. All jokes aside tho, great interview;)

  • Osman عثمان 3 years ago

    Incoming all you can’t see me jokes lol

  • Sanele Maphanga 3 years ago

    John Cena is looking like my lawyer… Well dressed and he’s always saying I cant see him.

  • sebastian guerrero 3 years ago

    John Cena’s really is one of those guys that you really just want to sit down and eat a cool lunch with you know what I mean

  • Joel07p 3 years ago

    It’s weird seeing John Cena dressed up as a grown up 🙂

  • antehn2 3 years ago

    Dude looks like a politician…

  • Kevin Anith 3 years ago

    Am so impressed, John Cena is very smart breaking the Hollywood stereotype “muscles No brain” Cena is Muscles with huge brain.

  • Lord LOC 3 years ago

    I’ve been a WWWF/WWF/WWE fan since about 78 when that’s the first time I can remember a wrestling thing. So I’ve been a fan for 40 years basically. Say what you want about John Cena, imo he’s one of the most under appreciated stars the WWE’s ever had. Blame creative for never turning him heel, or blame whoever for his character remaining the same since like 2007. He’s still an incredible talent and seems like such a genuine nice guy who cares about kids. He does so much for Make a Wish alone, he should get awards all day for that. But no, the internet fans hate him (mostly) and the live crowds are split between hate and not hating him.

    Trust me though, just like The Rock or any other big star who’s left due to injury or retirement or whatever – once they are gone you’ll miss them, and when/if they come back you’ll be happy even for a split second.

  • MojoVybxx 3 years ago

    bless you John Cena

  • KING C.A.W.A 3 years ago

    I’m one of the few people that has the ability to see John Cena… it’s kinda disappointing.

  • Rostislav Dovgan 3 years ago

    As a Chinese, I really appreciate what Cena has done for us.You are really a kind, sincere person,thank you!xiexie!??❤

  • Ben Gallaty 3 years ago

    Absolutely loving John’s wardrobe and hairstyle here. It’s like he’s straight out of a MAD MEN episode.

  • lazyperfectionist1 3 years ago

    Mandarin, I’m given to understand, is not such a difficult language to study, but is an absolute _nightmare_ to _master._ How in the world do people, reading documents in Chinese look up unfamiliar terms?

  • Tyrone Williams 3 years ago

    Now he looks like Mark Wahlberg’s older brother.

  • salvator visions 3 years ago

    From watching wwe on Etv to interviewing him,well done Trevor. Proudly South African.

  • f430 turbo 3 years ago

    John Cena is really really nice guy, I asked him for shirt, ( I was just kidding-ish ) what does he do?? he runs out to his car and get’s me arm full of, hats, shirts, arm bands, wow way cool,…I mean really he made all that effort when for the most part he didn’t have to. Thanks Cena!!


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