John Bolton Would Vote Steve Mnuchin And Rudy Giuliani Off Trump Island

Published on June 24, 2020

When asked by Stephen Colbert which Trump administration figures he would eliminate given the chance, former National Security Advisor John Bolton names Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as the person doing the most policy damage and Rudy Giuliani as the worst of the President’s outside influences. All of this is discussed in his new book “The Room Where It Happened.” #StephenAtHome #JohnBolton #BoltonBook

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  • Sami Helen 2 years ago

    When you’re doing a TV show on a set, these constant breaks in the segments serve various purposes. In this kind of quarantine show setting it feels just forced.

  • Nicolas Alexander Otto 2 years ago

    Even though I do not agree with Bolton on almost all points I have to hand it to him to go on shows on the political left and answer (or try to) some damning questions.

  • O. B. 2 years ago

    Order of the uploads:
    1) I entered the…
    2) Would vote Steve…
    3) What we don’t know…
    4) Republicans face a…

  • The Vageek 2 years ago

    Two words: war criminal

  • steve jessemey 2 years ago

    Uhhhh, uhhhhhh, uhhhh.

  • NowThatsATen 2 years ago

    John Bolton sucks.

  • Sandra Spengler 2 years ago

    When you did not testify, you did not do your duty

  • Michael Then 2 years ago

    Not smart to talk to a person who being fired by the President of America.

  • unnur brynja 2 years ago

    shame, shame, shame on him

  • William Canfor 2 years ago

    Why do u still call him ambassador Bolton. That is in the past. Maybe he got doctorate degree in ambassadorship. Like Doctor or a lawyer or a scientist. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He stinks. All for money. He would have helped if he had testified. I would only read his book when I don’t have anything better to do.

  • fabio tabaton 2 years ago


  • Karin Mitschang 2 years ago

    I’m from Germany, so I don’t know details about Bolton. Could somebody please explain how he can be ambassador still? Or why he is named that? I understand from Wikipedia that he was ambassador to the United nations until 2006

  • Allen Mayers 2 years ago

    “I don’t know the entire story”, well going before congress, as it was your patriotic duty to do, and testifying to what you knew scumbag Bolton, would have gone a long way to EVERYONE knowing the entire story, you giant bag of horse manure.

  • Peter Ming Wong 2 years ago

    He’s one of the major enabler for the orange cheeto . History will judge him, there are blood on his hands.

  • Azymight 2 years ago

    disgruntled employee

  • Aljoscha Long 2 years ago

    Xi is closer to “she” than to “ji”

  • a2pabmb2 2 years ago

    Man they milked this interview for every ad they could eh?

  • Randy Gillespie 2 years ago

    It’s all about Financial Corruption, if he’s so Rich as he claims, why is he begging Florida to give relief on his Golf Course’s.

  • Paul Lamb 2 years ago

    When John Bolton is looking like the good guy. The damage is already done.

  • M R 2 years ago

    Colbert is a comedian correct? Jeez please find something else to try n make ppl laugh. Getting really really old with the trump crap. You gotta have some sort of talent besides a lame trump impression.

  • Steve Amzoun 2 years ago

    Failed national security advisor..what a disaster person!

  • Willie Terblanche 2 years ago

    But you won’t, your days are numbered…!

  • John Hudson 2 years ago

    Hard to think of a more odious cast of characters and then you remember it is coming out of the mouth of a war criminal.

  • Tad Saxington 2 years ago

    Good interview. I dont agree on some things with Bolton, but he is steadfast and honest in what he believes. We definitely need more of this in politics. None of the wishy washy, change your ways based on popularity crap. He did finesse his statements on his original support of Trump. Regardless of these statements, if he has such convictions against Trump, he should have been a man and dealt with it. Stephen wasnt as accommodating to his guest as he should have been though.

  • John Riordan 2 years ago

    How far right Bolton is – and he is at the far end of the scale – is emphasised when he agrees he thinks of Mnuchin as “basically a Democrat.” Mnuchin! A democrat!

  • Aeronor2001 2 years ago

    Steve Mnuchin is the worst of the bunch because he seems like a Democrat?? So all of the incompetence and deceit in the administration doesn’t bother Bolton as much as someone who reminds him of someone on the Left? Wow what a piece of crap. He’d rather watch America burn to the ground than see a Democrat in charge. Just the kind of partisan garbage this country needs.

  • 2 years ago

    Bolton wants to come off as the good guy to boost sales of his book, but I’m not buying it.

  • Bijinius Cross 2 years ago

    “Now, I have to say, I know bits and pieces of what happened. But I certainly don’t know the entire story. And it’s entirely possible there’s more that’s taken place, not just in the international field but in the domestic field, that I’m completely unaware of.”

    meaning “So hey – when the ACTUAL shit hits the fan after the _actual_ extent of Donald’s massive and complete corruption is finally revealed, you totally can’t blame ME. I did my best, darn it! I’m a victim! I was fooled! The entire Republican PARTY was fooled! bamboozled! hornswaggled by the MASTER manipulator behind ‘Grab ’em by the pussy’ and _The Celebrity Apprentice!”_

  • Bijinius Cross 2 years ago

    okay, now honestly – i’m NOT a Donald supporter — but if _Donald_ had said “Let’s dish, girl!” with a snap like Stephen did at 2:18, he’d be front-page branded as a racist and co-opter of Black Culture on The Huffington Post™ and the A.V. Club™ and probably even MSNBC™.

  • Ye Olde Entertainment 2 years ago

    Bolton is a fake and phony.

  • William 2 years ago

    Abraham Lincoln, Remarks at Springfield, Illinois (November 20, 1860) :
    “let us neither express, nor cherish, ‘any harsh feeling towards any citizen’
    who, by his vote,
    ‘has differed with us’.
    Let us at all times remember that
    ‘all American citizens are brothers’
    of a common country, and ‘should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling’ .”

  • Luke Kulik 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. The Dana Carvey skit would be all I could think about.

  • Nels 2 years ago

    I now like Steve Mnuchin more *barf*. If Bolton thinks he is not hawkish enough that is a good sign.

  • Opal Urchin 2 years ago

    Everyone in Hollywood dropping like ped0FLIES. Bolton is a WARMONGER.

  • Icke Wa 2 years ago

    po;itically he may be on a different lane, but at least he is articulate, which is refreshing.
    Low bar, i know.

  • Dave G 2 years ago

    So now we love & worship a war criminal taking millions from the military industrial complex to kill our youth in needless wars. He stood by & did nothing, now he cashes in on Americas new religion, the only true religion, GREED! Worship away you stupid racist idiots.

  • Cengo Bilind 2 years ago

    We are the Kurds, do support mr Bolton, when he decide to be come US president!

    Another Truman here folks that mr Bolton he upholds the constitution of USA, rather than his personal interests!

  • andrea bradley 2 years ago

    Really admire Stephen’s handling of this interview. Thanks.

  • Three Likes 2 years ago

    Trump administration is the worst place to work. Workers don’t trust and betray each other. Most importantly, the boss is an idiot.

  • U U 2 years ago

    Corruption is abuse of office always moron.


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