John Berman Made the Electoral College Sexy

Published on August 14, 2020

John Berman addresses President Trump going after him in a tweet, shares how he made his deep dive into the electoral college “sexy” and urges voters to prepare for election results later than normal.

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  • Wilmer Santa Maria 8 months ago

    As a non American I’m curious, why do you have a popular vote if the electoral vote decides the presidency?

  • Maja-Danmark 8 months ago

    He is a funny and very intelligent anchor. I’m a Ber-fan.

  • Claudio Perri 8 months ago

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  • roberta clark 8 months ago

    I LOVE John Berman & Alysin Camerata (sp?). They are smart, serious journalists. John is sly, wickedly funny, and deadly serious about telling the truth. They are my go-to to start my day, equipped with what I need to know to navigate the world.

  • Temo Palmer 8 months ago

    3/4 of the states voted for Trump. NY and CA are 2 of 50 and we don’t have a UNITED states without the electoral college. Nobody would have a voice beyond a few states. This is the whole reason lefty’s support illegal immigration. They simply can’t win sh$t without thier illegals

  • O. B. 8 months ago

    (4:20) *”On a fundamental level, the constitution doesn’t require…people like you and me…to actually vote for president…”*

    That reminds me of that Isaac Asimov story, “Franchise”, in which a supercomputer named “Multivac”, chooses a single “most representative” person from the population of the United States, whom the computer then interrogates to determine the country’s overall orientation. All elected offices are then filled by the candidates the computer calculates as acceptable to the populace.

  • Karla Marie 8 months ago

    Trump is removing mail equipment mailboxes and he is defunding the post office. I am actually afraid.

  • Hellmuth4 8 months ago

    it was designed to give undue power to slave states so they’d join the union. the middle the country and the south chose trump and biden. imo they’ve forfeited their right to vote. all of the shittiest congressmen and senators come from fly over states too. also the supreme court members should be publicly voted on and not have lifetime appointments. rant over

  • laurel jackson 8 months ago

    Pleas lppll look l lol

  • Mark Martin 8 months ago

    As usual, follow the money. Electors are on the take. Putin money Koch money. Are vote means nothing.

  • Megan Heinzen 8 months ago

    The electoral college vote needs to go! It worked back in 1770s but it’s 2020. Donald Trump is not gonna leave like a president we’re gonna have to get rid of him like a dictator! If the electoral college vote makes him president again this country hasn’t seen protests or revolutions anywhere near what is going to happen. He’s trying to be a dictator and he will not leave the White House peacefully guaranteed. We’re gonna have to pull him out just like every dictator in the past!

  • Mark A 8 months ago

    I find it totally inexcusable that a news anchor does not understand how the voting system works in the country they are from let alone reporting on. Really sad.

  • New Message 8 months ago

    Well.. when no one else will ‘thank’ you without a huge payoff check….

  • Rachel Anne 8 months ago

    It’s incredibly hypocritical for Trump to say that we must shut down the whole system for any potential fraudulent ballots but he’s fine with any number of kids dying by going back to in-person schooling during a pandemic. Clearly, ballots mean more to him than a child’s life.

  • Dilsad Meraler 8 months ago

    I have been saying the same thing. Dems themselves putting the highest bar for themselves. Why they need to win by a lot but it’s ok if Trump wins a couple of more votes in a couple of states. Unbelievable

  • KaylaDawn Mahaffey 8 months ago

    What’s the point of voting then!!?!
    Or waiting days for them to count the votes when they aren’t going to matter anyway!?! If the electoral votes are all that matters ( basically what you’re saying) then seriously what’s the point. John said DT could be down five million votes and he could still win the electoral so what the hell are we waiting for!!?? what does it matter!!?? what’s the point!!!????🤬

  • Diane Blumenthal 8 months ago

    I heard we shouldn’t think of it as Election Day, but as Election Week.

  • Brian Baughman 8 months ago

    No need to investigate foreign US election interference, Trump says no worries I got this….

  • Klara Stern 8 months ago

    6 Million votes less… and he would still win. Why would you call THAT democracy? together with voter suppression, destroying the postal service and gerrymandering… I’m not sure what you’re doing over there… oO

  • Avery Ravenseye 8 months ago

    When Trump calls him an unknown he only means he is the “man” in person woman man camera tv


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