Joe Walsh 2020 | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on September 7, 2019

Former Congresswoman Joe Walsh (R-IL) joins Bill to atone for his past and discuss his primary challenge to President Trump.

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  • Wrel Rel 11 months ago

    Hmm I dislike him Joe that is.

  • paul haltiwanger 11 months ago

    This guy is almost as bad

  • Kenneth Dower 11 months ago

    Fuck you, Joe, just because you finally turned against Trump doesn’t make you a saint. You’re still a climate science denying right-wing moron.

  • Kelli Barnhouse 11 months ago

    The Walsh is another POS Republican along with Delaney!
    Trumps policies were more center than Far right too! This guy admits he has tweeted racist crap, but is not a racist! BS!
    ALL Republicans lie, lie, and lie some more! Bill
    Mahar has not sold out!
    He has guests from both parties to show the difference to his viewers! We as intelligent persons can read between the lines and decide for ourselves after listening to both sides! Mahar is still a Democrat with an open mind! Do Not close off All
    Opinions! That is how you learn anything! Everyone has an opinion, you can judge for yourself who you agree or disagree with by listening! Mahar gives us that opportunity!

  • Jose Rodríguez 11 months ago

    He just wants to talk crap and piss off trump , like it

  • Santiago Bron 11 months ago

    he wants to give children guns
    because that’s normal

  • blue diamond gem 11 months ago

    Joe Walsh = scrapping in his last bit of credibility he had with his 4 radio listeners to kiss stupid liberals arse who will be done with him by next week.

  • ian 11 months ago

    This guy mocked Kimmel’s sick baby to make his ideology spread.. He is a republican like Trump but since he against Trump unpoliteness,people like Bill Maher potrays him as a hero. *Disgusting*

  • thebestever475 11 months ago

    joe walsh is trash. douchy trash. vote for bernie people

  • Janusha 11 months ago

    Haha “We are not North Korea, we are not Russia” Yeah… Thats all Americans got to cling onto these days. This pride in at least not being rock bottom.

  • Daddelkanal 11 months ago

    I think Joe Walsh isn’t a good option. He supported a monster, he will do and say whatever brings him to power. He doesn’t sound like a guy which has moral or values.. Forget him

  • Jarrod Stewart 11 months ago

    Watching Joe walsh in 2019 gives me a little hope. This guy was a total nutjob not that long ago and now came to his senses a little bit. Perhaps this can happen to others. Jesus the fact it feels like a win to see one of them acknowledge Trump is a moron liar and climate change is real is pathetic.

  • Simon Coulson 11 months ago

    Love your work bill, genius.

  • Yeah Sure 11 months ago

    Hahaha…challenging Trump? Fucking idiot…

  • Leslie Clark 11 months ago

    please take that dinosaur egg, crack it, drop it into a hot vat of fat and throw to your dogs for breakfast! excellent roast

  • Jay Ray 11 months ago

    So.. how is he different than Tr_mp? He’s a conservative, he hates the middle class and poor and anyone that’s not white.

  • Steve Cains 11 months ago

    Joe is a loudmouthed idiot

  • STDrepository 11 months ago

    What a jackass. Im voting trump in my states primary and Trump again in the General election. The Left has gone completely nuts.

  • Dark Star 11 months ago

    Joe Walsh would be better off if he was running as a dead office plant.
    I wouldn’t piss on this pile a shit if he was on ?.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 11 months ago

    Every person in the US: “Who?”


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