Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Are Impressed by Republicans Standing Up to Trump

Published on March 29, 2017

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski chat with Seth about the value of Republicans standing against Trump.

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  • FunkedDotOrg 12 months ago

    Mika thinks SHE controls what WE think. No more need to follow someone like that. We are not controlled by the entertainment news media fake brainwashing alphabet soup cable networks of the new world order. You’re all irrelevant.

  • jolanar3 12 months ago

    Get that man some socks!

  • Noob Tuber 12 months ago

    That blonde woman is very rude

  • Dejen Bosk 12 months ago

    The saddest thing about the people who scream “fake news” and that people in journalism are ‘irrelevant’ (see below) is that these people’s own place in society is becoming obsolete, fast, and they’re turning to a con artist with ‘snake-oil’ solutions.

  • FLOWER 12 months ago

    Trumps a Gemini of course he is likeable off camera most are but he shows his other side on camera. They just don’t get it.

  • Yoga Pratamawadi 12 months ago

    Is trump’s rating still 36%? Or is it lower?

  • Tokugawa Heavy Industries 12 months ago

    Republicans turning on their President was how Nixon got impeached. Even Republicans know when to wake up and smell the constituents.

  • Tussenio 12 months ago

    So Trump is the nicest guy as long as money, or politics or, or, or… aren’t involved?

  • John Do 12 months ago

    These two idiots helped him win. They never called him out about his lies and bullshit when he was running.


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