Joe Rogan’s Crazy Covid Drug Regimen

Published on September 2, 2021

After Joe Rogan announces his COVID diagnosis, his “kitchen-sink” COVID therapeutics cause many strange reactions to his body.

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Clip air date 09/02/2021

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  • Michelle Hogan 3 weeks ago


  • S.D. C 3 weeks ago

    So.. much easier, and less life threatening to JUST GET THE FUCKING VACCINE!!!

  • ToniHunterOne 3 weeks ago

    He’s not put pf the woods yet.

  • Bradley Fitzik 3 weeks ago

    Covid takes a while to kick in. Unless he doesn’t believe in the science of that either 🤦‍♂️

  • Grant S 3 weeks ago

    i have the money to be potentially devastated by a disease that i dont have to.

  • Dee Dee 3 weeks ago

    Where is Stephen Colbert? He has been MIA since the NYC CNN dance party.

  • Lucas20520 3 weeks ago

    This is really stupid. It’s not like he’s giving any bad advice. Why is this crazy! SMH.

  • Susan Peacock 3 weeks ago

    Think it would have been easier to get the vaccine or was this a commercial for these medications

  • M 3 weeks ago

    I’m laughing hysterically at all of the clever comments. I’m jealous of everyone’s creativity. On a serious note, please share this:

  • Bill Cat 3 weeks ago

    What’s the joke here?

  • Shahnul Islam 3 weeks ago

    Ya covid19 is not a big deal if you can drop 10 grand

  • Doves4 Christ 3 weeks ago

    Joe Rohan you need to take a very good look at yourself in the mirror because you look so horrible that you remind me of Frankenstein. That dangerous cocktail that you made in your monster lab just maybe the beginning of your undoing. A FREE vaccination would have made your life less stressful and cost free. I sincerely hope that your foolishness won’t cost someone else their life. SMH!

  • David Bush 3 weeks ago

    Everything but the actual preventative measure. Way to go, Joe.

  • Karen M 3 weeks ago

    So instead of wearing mask and getting vaccinated, he went for the big gum: monoclonal antibodies treatment costing THOUSANDS. Very smart dude.

  • Kitty S. 3 weeks ago

    All we have to do is wait. The anti-vaxers and TRUMPLICANS are committing suicide by covid.

  • Armando Mercado 3 weeks ago

    So he’ll say COVID is no big deal, just do what he did and you’ll be fine. A great public disservice announcement.

  • Charlie Hunt 3 weeks ago

    He looks ghastly.

  • Alisha Harrison 3 weeks ago

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