Joe Pera Has Some Tips for How to Re-Enter a Party After Using the Bathroom

Published on November 4, 2021

Joe Pera talks about hiring former Late Night cameraman Gene Kelly for his comedy series, then shares tips to break the ice after a bathroom trip and a show he pitched to Adult Swim.

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  • UnlimitedK9 2 years ago

    This dude looks like Andy Samberg fucked Tobey Maguire

  • Eileen Novak 2 years ago

    As a MINI Cooper enthusiast, Joe Pera is right. They are mad fun to drive.
    Taking his word about the other one.

  • Brett Myer 2 years ago

    Joe Pera predicted Licorice Pizza years ago

  • Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández 2 years ago

    Nerd, who said nerd?

  • byngo11 2 years ago

    Love his grandpa energy!

  • Sam Dodson 2 years ago

    Is that Joe Pera!? On a major late night talk show!? Where am I how long have I been asleep

  • SANITIZED, INC. 2 years ago

    Joe is the man.

  • Frisbee 2 years ago

    Joe Pera, along with Wolf Blitzer, are the best people to come out of Buffalo.

  • Jeff Weiss 2 years ago

    Never have I clicked on a video so fast. I missed Joe Pera during quarantine!

  • RTussenIO 2 years ago

    “With great cars comes great responsibility”
    I’d never have guessed that Clark Kent here wrote that, and not, say, Peter Parker.

  • Like Bot 2 years ago

    I can only take Joe Pera in little doses. Like worcestershire sauce, it’s to hot to take all at once.

  • Jake Weatherall 2 years ago

    Sexual dynamo – Pera

  • Ashley Hyatt 2 years ago

    For a moment, I thought they’d have Stephen Merchant with his new and wonderful series The Outlaws.

  • Yasuke 2 years ago

    I love Joe. He makes me smile.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    I’ve never heard anyone say that someone would ‘grow into’ his personality… but this guy has a good 40 or so years before his body matches his affect.

  • Alter Ego 2 years ago

    I’m always happy to see Joe!


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