Joe Biden’s New Obama-Heavy Ad

Published on April 30, 2019

Joe Biden says he doesn’t want the endorsement of Barack Obama, yet his latest campaign ad heavily features edited-together narration from #44.

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  • Jacques Charles 2 years ago

    Dot dot, dot dot dot, dot dot Always funny???

  • V.V 2 years ago

    America does have a rich dad; King George

  • Lance Charles 2 years ago

    I’m so not voting for Joe.

  • Aubrey Liptak 2 years ago

    Let’s try someone who can actually beat Trump in 2020, Biden is at best the Mitt Romney of Democrats.


  • Martinni Bataan 2 years ago

    MANA Make America Normal Again please

  • J Merlo 2 years ago

    Infrastructure without money?    Ah yeah!  Loot the Venezuelan’s OIL and pretend Americans are so damned rich and Great!  Shameless nation of criminal pirates!  That is what America is. How unfortunate.

  • Lovely Rita Meter Maid 2 years ago

    Sleepy Joe

  • Bruce Long 2 years ago

    OMG that hat tho!

  • Mr. Boling _ 2 years ago

    Joe Biden is against violence towards women…but not creepiness.

  • T W 2 years ago

    Biden is already is the Democratic parties choice. Let’s be honest? the Democratic Party needs to somehow figure out how to get Bernie as vice president 🙂 Biden Sanders 2020 anyone?

  • Bernard Brother 2 years ago

    That CNN poll is why nobody trusts CNN anymore: apparently only voters over 50 matter to CNN

  • Sean Hall 2 years ago

    It’s telling how much we can trust the polls seeing as Biden is ahead in the polls but look at the comments here. 90% of the comments are pro Bernie and meh Biden. Honestly either way, I’ll be happy, but I would be dancing in the street if Bernie gets the nomination. If he wins the election, I’ll dance on Trumps fathers grave. What a joyous day that will be.

  • Maggie E 2 years ago

    I hate how much I instinctively like Jobee

  • Florian Felix 2 years ago

    Joe Biden – make america obama again – MAOA

  • tenacious645 2 years ago

    No Biden. Bernie.

  • Cool Story 2 years ago

    Remember that time Joe Biden supported segregation

  • Tristan Toole 2 years ago

    The Democratic slogan for 2020:

    Obviously, Make America Great Again, Diplomatically.

    O MAGAD, Becky. Look at Trump’s ass. It’s so huge.

  • Lester Luczak 2 years ago

    No substitutions. JB is not the answer.

  • Freddie G 2 years ago

    Referencing a shitty poll referenced by CNN tryna get at Bernie. Pfsh. If Trump wins again, it’s on corporate hacks like you Colbert.

  • Chris Wise 2 years ago

    It’s sad that Stephen is going to show a preference for Biden, who is obviously who the corporations and the puppet masters prefer over Sanders. This is a great chance for the momentum of actual positive change to be once again fucked over by the same shit and the same, oh a Republican president, oh look, a Democrat president, oh no, a Republican president, not again, the same shit over and over. The right wing is right about one, and only one thing, our government and media is bought and paid for. This sickens me and the fact that it’s so fucking obvious makes me hate anyone who may be involved. Steven, you have spent 2 years crushing trump, that’s great, but the last fucking thing you need to do is rail against the real change we need. If this is hard for you to understand, then the last two years has taught you nothing and that’s very depressing to think about. Please show you aren’t a fucking puppet


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