Joe Biden Wins the South Carolina Primary

Published on March 3, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, March 2.

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  • Adam The Great 4 months ago

    Stop going to MSNBC for your news check out Kyle kulinski secular talk for a real political analyst David Pac-Man or The Young Turks msnbc’s dead

  • M A 4 months ago

    If Biden is the nominee, get ready for another four years of Trump. The man literally can no longer string a coherent sentence together much of the time.

  • Dorrit anqi ZHAO 4 months ago

    hes so much funnier than trevor noah

  • yves callaert 4 months ago

    Joe Biden won 1 state because he was focusing on that state and because Clyburn endorsed him. He’s barely got any money he’s barely got any organisation. He can barely hold it together, has barely any real energy and has no real appealing policy. And if he’s the nominee he’s going to get mauled by Trump from the very first second. Why would it be really special that in all his times that he has done primaries, he finally has won a single one? And especially when he’s so protected by his campaign and the media goes soft on him, his record and his decline. They basically go to bat for him and handle him with kid gloves. He’s pathetic to watch.

  • Comment Removed 4 months ago

    those were either some small potatoes or some very large….

  • Nayla S 4 months ago

    What about Tulsi Gabbard? She’s still in the race, and nobody is talking about her. Is she going to quit?

  • Yasuke Afro Samurai 4 months ago

    And thats the only primary that he will win because good ol joe cant move a baby let alone college students .

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 4 months ago

    Why do grandparents fight?

  • Fred Caller 4 months ago

    Americans are failing Bernie. History will not forget this era of Trump. I think it’s time for change in world power. we can’t deny on a nation to solve our problems. They are greedy.

  • TL K23 4 months ago

    Dems have been crying about Trump for four years now. Polls show Bernie beats Trump. South Carolina, “ok I’ll go with Biden” who offers people nothing. Unbelievable! They never learned anything from 2016 when they ran a centrist, Hillary Clinton and lost. Smh. People are really hurting and they need REAL change.

  • sloetree 4 months ago

    If the Dems choose Biden they will get Hillary reloaded – with the same outcome!

  • Eggbert08 4 months ago

    Someone who writes the jokes is getting fired lol

  • Richard Davine 4 months ago
    Don wants Ivanka, terrible man.

  • jerk fudgewater 4 months ago

    I think i’m going to vote for tRump… when given the choice between 2 republican’s i’d rather have the one that makes republicans look bad 🤷🏻‍♂️ and I’m absolutely going to vote. Joe Biden took corporate money back in 2006 to saddle me with $84,000 in school debt for a degree I don’t have and can no longer afford (thanks Joe) you better believe i’m going to vote against him. Maybe in 2024 we can elect e Democrat for once

  • liberty Ann 4 months ago

    Biden. Ick.

  • jemert96 4 months ago

    Tough crowd damn

  • Peter Houle 4 months ago

    I fucking hate heist and caper movies.

  • Wydi 4 months ago

    Poor Tulsi keeps getting ignored, lol

  • Simon Bartlett 4 months ago

    There was about 3 days there where everyone seemed to finally be supporting the candidate best poised to beat Trump and then 3 candidates drop out, support Biden and the narrative shifts back to creepy uncle Biden…

    Biden will result in 4 more years of Trump…
    HRC 2.0 bringing 2016 back


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