Joe Biden Picks Sen. Kamala Harris for Vice President

Published on August 13, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, August 12.

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  • Silver Surfer 1 month ago

    The Real Dynamic Duo!

  • Debbie Abu-El-Jibien 1 month ago

    I just think this democratic ticket is not a winning one

  • DJSwezzleMusic 1 month ago

    Kamala should be in jail. #lockherup

  • Ryan lex 1 month ago

    Atheist people are ageing. They try so hard to play GOD 😂😂😂😂😂

  • TCL Tcl 1 month ago

    Trump will rot in prison then rot in hell..
    Pence and mother
    will claim no knowledge of Donnie

  • MIchael Hernandez 1 month ago

    Harris is gonna sweep the floor with Pence’s Third Reich face.

  • Angel Prats 1 month ago

    2:54 lol

  • Garry A 1 month ago

    Is Kamala gonna be a hypocrite or a hero? Joe Biden is war criminal. She has to once elected, have him arrested. She’ll make a great President.

  • Angelika Hemker 1 month ago

    It wouldn’t hurt Americans to try and learn another language; especially one that is as complex as Chinese and opens up unimagined new vistas. But that is not the American way, right?
    BTW, I am not a friend of the Chinese. But their language, writing, history, and culture have a lot to offer to those who wish to broaden their minds.

  • Joe Marcus 1 month ago

    Sounds like affirmative action.

  • nuwavghost 1 month ago

    Soooo… ¢hump is running against the subhuman who wrote the crime bill and the uncle t0m who enforced it 🖕🏽☠️🖕🏽

  • hifriedelity 1 month ago

    Where does the road on the lampshade lead to? A lightbulb moment?

  • Prettyije Peter 1 month ago

    His plans will be it is what it is. God save us

  • LynxChan 1 month ago

    After that monologue I’m guessing tomorrow’s will be filmed from the dog house.

  • Debbie Kuykendall 1 month ago

    lol she will eat him alive. getting crackers & cheese ready.

  • Sia Girl 1 month ago

    Biden is a sick puppy & Harris is a Rottweiler. She will rip him alive. Poor sleepy Joe. 😁

  • Gungelion 1 month ago

    Yes, people will learn to speak Chinese… Only so they can say “Trump is the idiot” in multiple languages. In fact that’s the new selling point for the latest Rosetta Stone program!

  • The Foxfires 1 month ago

    I’m sure anyone who’s ever been arrested for smoking pot is overjoyed.

  • David Walters 1 month ago

    lol Bend Oregon… When I lived there the joke was that they just got the light bulb. Now they are in the news because you can go to Blockbuster Video there. Just don’t scratch the surface of the town too much or you find out what kind of ghosts used to surround the regular fires on the top of Pilot Butte. Not the annual burning of the butte on the 4th of July, the fires with the kkk that doesn’t like it when people talk about them…

  • Berkeley Pickell 1 month ago

    China has done great under trump. He has no understanding of soft power and has left most ambassadorships empty. China is poised to take the spotlight as a leader on the world stage because of the vacuum left by America putting its head in the sand under trump.
    Literally all Biden would have to do to outshine trump is fill all the government positions trump left empty. Calls himself the jobs president, can’t even staff his own government.

  • Loung1958 1 month ago

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