Joe Biden Jumps on the 2020 Train with a Whole Lot of Baggage | The Daily Show

Published on April 25, 2019

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announcement spotlights the veteran Democratic senator’s decades-long career laden with progressive policy wins, PR slip-ups, and more recently a fiery feud with Donald Trump.



  • Lars Chue 1 year ago

    Biden is a Democratic Trump, he trolls and creeps everyone out by accident.

  • Tabitha Totten 1 year ago

    Love Joe Biden!

  • Nicholas Flamel 1 year ago

    Joe Biden progressive? Nice try, but real progressives know better. Joe Biden is the poster child for the establishment status quo. The only thing progressive about him is his hairline.

  • J Cobbs 1 year ago

    The expressions on trumps disembodied head. The poses on the body. ? ?

  • sprybug 1 year ago

    He was able to work with Mitch McConnel…
    Oh, so that’s why hardly any progressive policies got passed and we had to settle for watered down legislation.
    No thanks. Go away Joe. Also, what he did to Anita Hill during the hearings was pretty gross.

  • Kathy Roberson 1 year ago

    Noooooooo! Too much baggage

  • martunafish 1 year ago

    You guys missed your last chance to make that recurring joke about how many candidates are now running

  • Braheme Days 1 year ago

    The “stand up for Chuck” moment was smooth and cool if he honestly didn’t notice the wheelchair. Mistake that reveals his respectful and honest character

  • B M 1 year ago

    Turn this into Mortal Kombat here…Fatality lol

  • Richard Magnano 1 year ago

    Biden = bad call.

  • Ricardo Cerrillo 1 year ago

    I’ll pit the Pillsbury Dough Boy vs Baby Blimp in a cage match?

  • Mary Stuart 1 year ago

    weak candidate. next.

  • Ben Barker 1 year ago

    I mean he might be touchy feel and make some verbal faux pas, but that’s nothing compared to the current president so I don’t give a shit. If these are the scandals people are worried about I think we’re in pretty good hands.

  • Rohitava Banerjee 1 year ago

    Biden would smear Trump in a fist fight. That fat fuck can’t even fight his heartburn.

  • chipzaroy 1 year ago

    Relax, Donald. Wouldn’t want to aggravate those bone spurs.

  • MoppyPuppy 1 year ago

    *Biden is a scumbag.*
    Trevor Noah needs to do his own research before he shills for Biden.

  • Guy barton 1 year ago

    Both are crap

  • Mao Sama 1 year ago

    Is it me or young Joe Biden looks like prince harry.

  • Malik Dayo 1 year ago

    Okay Trevor so I see you like the creepy type? The type that whispers in your lady’s ear. The type that smells your 12 year old daughter’s hair and whispers sweet nothings in her ears. If you support Biden you’re responsible for Trump 2020. You also support someone who invades the personal space of women and touches them inappropriately. #metoo

  • Onemanshows 1MS 1 year ago

    At least my grand children will enjoy history class when they start to learn about the 45th president . ?


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