Joe Biden: I Propose We Immediately Provide $10k In Student Loan Debt Relief

Published on May 22, 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden details his proposal to immediately provide student loan debt relief as part of his larger plan for economic stimulus tied to the Covid-19 crisis. #StephenAtHome #JoeBiden #Election2020

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  • Kimberly Christine 2 months ago

    How about all of it? Just get rid of it.

  • Chuckle Head 2 months ago

    Biden is too old, Trump is too old. I would rather vote for Jerry Springer

  • Ross Parlette 2 months ago

    Degree means college. Diploma means High School. I guess HS was a while ago for Joe. 😁

  • Dorafan73' 2 months ago

    how bout black people! biden!

  • Sadôg 2 months ago

    Thanks. That’s 1/10th of my best friend’s student loan debt gone, that’s definitely something. Oh wait it might not apply to private debt at all, does it?

  • marie_84 2 months ago

    Seems like little Joe was bad at mathematics in school…😆😆😆

  • realamerican 2 months ago


  • foggyblues13 2 months ago

    He’s a loser. Trying to appeal to Bernie’s followers by offering a crumb instead of the entire donut.

  • lDeadPirate 2 months ago

    Honestly, I decided to support Biden after recovering from the disappointment of how things went resulting in Bernie suspending. However, after seeing his BreakfastClub appearance, and seeing this empty-talk….
    I am willing to not vote and let the system burn down. Why accept what the DNC is forcing down our throats? Just becuz the Trump is worse??? iSay NO, everything that’s happening in the USA just shows that the Democratic Rich-ppl first esatablishment has screwed America. There’es no excuse for not realizing the people, in fact The Democracy itself needed a progressive right now. The DNC decided to force this down our throats, and call it a win.The Trump election was not enough of a lesson the first time. I guess they wanna see if it will be better the second?!?!?!!

  • Movies Too Cold 2 months ago

    This mf just saying big numbers to get y’all horny. And he fondles little girls.

  • Lori Winslow 2 months ago

    What about the hungry the people who are low income the people with ssi we can’t service on the very low income

  • Implied Lines 2 months ago

    College for All and total student loan forgiveness or no dice Joe. Cut the Malarky.

  • Raymond Orzecki 2 months ago

    America will never become a socialist country Y’all.. what about the students that have slaved .. and paid their way.throgh . Are yih goimg to backdate and refund them.. i mean where the red line . Forgive auto loans bail out mortgages ? Your communist

  • Brandon Reda 2 months ago

    What a joke this country is lmao

  • Milpool 2 months ago

    $10,000. Lol what a joke.

  • Bit By Bit 2 months ago

    I hate Donald Trump, I would love to see nothing more than for him to be humiliated after the 2020 election, but it pisses me off that everyone just keeps ignoring the sexual assault allegations against him. It’s ridiculously hypocritical.

  • 85mcgreg 2 months ago

    So you are telling working class Democrat voters they are supposed to pay for gender studies and lesbian dance therapy? What can possibly go wrong?

  • Salman Al- Mutawa 2 months ago




  • Dread3d 2 months ago

    So the person who paid there student loans off get a big f u and second people who did studies in waste of time courses that can’t provide well paying jobs get bailed out. Way to buy votes.

  • Tim Baker 2 months ago

    Why does such a young Nation allow itself to be run by people that are past the age of retirement?
    I like Joe, I just wish he had more to bring to the table.
    He’s not able to articulate his ideas, let alone finish a sentence.


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