Joe Biden Comes Out in Support of Impeaching President Trump



  • Gaurav Shah 12 months ago

    Melania trump is not a victim. She choose him.

  • Jay Gray 12 months ago

    Jesus shoes? do they come with spikes? I didn’t think he even wore shoes

  • mngentry 12 months ago

    “They don’t work”
    What would that Texan comedian say?
    “Here’s your sign.”

  • StewNWT 12 months ago

    Hell yes christof

  • Priscilla Jimenez 12 months ago

    I liked both jokes lol

  • ron kachur 12 months ago


  • World's Netizen 12 months ago

    No matter what he says, it doesn’t really change anything. Still, we need to build the platform as if it goes on impeachment way. Otherwise, why bother impeach to wast of time? independent, XXXexit.

  • Mohammed DAOUDI 12 months ago

    I ‘m a cat person, but honestly, I totaly believe that a cat may load a gun to get his owner killed….. I mean look at all the cat faces, THEY DON’T LIKE US

  • Psychotic Bob 12 months ago

    I want my elected officials to look like the America I recognize. Warren/ Porter 2020!

  • Don Robertson 12 months ago

    Woman leaves loaded hand gun lying around for a dog to step on? America – you deserve trump.

  • Kio Revana 12 months ago

    Seth is secretly gay.

    He just married his wife to get the show.

  • Pitti-Sing 12 months ago

    I grew up in Nappanee Indiana, which has a very large Amish population. NO WAY WOULD THEY VOTE FOR #45 Very few vote at all. “The Amish and Mennonites are free to vote, but very few do.This is because they do not want to be conformed with the world and many regard voting as conforming with the world.
    “The church forbids membership in political organizations and holding public office for several reasons. First, running for office is viewed as arrogant and out of character with esteemed Amish values of humility and modesty. Second, office-holding violates the religious principle of separation from the world. Finally, public officials must be prepared to use legal force if necessary to settle civic disputes. The exercise of legal force mocks the stance of nonresistance. Voting, however, is viewed as a personal matter. Although the church does not prohibit it, few persons vote. Those who do vote are likely to be younger businessmen concerned about local issues. Although voting is considered a personal matter, jury duty is not allowed.”

  • Red Hunteur 12 months ago

    And if you return the Nikes, they won’t come back even if you wait over 2000 years,

  • Free Free 12 months ago

    What’s preventing these stupid, fucking House Dems from arresting assholes who refuse to testify? House Democrats are absolutely USELESS.

  • boo yah 12 months ago

    Why the hell did the woman have a loaded sidearm, with the safety clearly off, just lying around where the dog could even possibly step on it in the first place?

  • ocandro 12 months ago

    Sorry, but Bidens public support doesn’t really do any good, it gives Faux news ammo. Also, Joe needs to drop out of the race, before his body completely falls apart, the way his poor brain did.

  • Gus Jackson 12 months ago

    No! Free Melania! Help her to finally escape and to return home to her beloved Transylvania.

  • Red Button TV1 12 months ago

    from sLOVEnia with love

  • Ben Nathan 12 months ago

    This is getting serious now
    We , as in the rest of the world are starting to be affected by trump ?

  • owen bright 12 months ago

    Knew there was going to be a walk on water joke.


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